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Pao's Mandarin House is a American restaurant located at 2300 Lohmans Spur, #134 in Austin, TX 78738. Pao's Mandarin House has been described as an Good American restaurant and has received an average rating of 5 by our members.

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We got warm sweet soy milk, fried dough stick, vegetarian duck, fried bean curd, salted rice roll, steamed pao-tze and fried scallion cake! It brought me back to memories of drinking hot soy milk in Taiwan and dipping my fried dough stick in it! While I was enjoying my food, I secretly laughed at the non-Asians in the room ordering off the American Chinese menu and eating their fried mystery meat dipped in the cliche sweet and sour food colored sauce...


Pao's hot and sour soup with scallion pancakes always makes me feel better when I'm sick or just not feeling up to cooking. Their crispy beef is spicy ...


I remember going to Pao's when it was on Congress under some huge business/corporate/state building in the 90s and it was awesome. My dad would take my...