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Last Updated: Dec 11, 2014
From the owners of Anteprima. Celebrating the diversity of American cuisine, our seasonal menu appeals to a variety of tastes and has five categories- each with meat, fish and vegetarian options, ideal for selecting dishes to share or creating a multi-course meal. Artisanal beers, food- friendly wine, craft spirits and original cocktails. Enjoy.




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  • The menu itself jumps out at you right away. The appetizers and main courses all scream "interesting" and "different" but alas none scream, "Must Have...
  • The menu is interesting and healthful. Every bite was delicious - unanimous opinion of all seven of us! Excellent service too!...
  • From reading the other reviews, I must've been at a different restaurant! I can't believe that this place is from the Anteprima people because it was awful...
  • 00 bill. While the service was adequate, it was far from stellar and coupled with the mediocre food I cannot understand why anyone would expect more...
  • The restaurant seemed to not have a clear identity. Quality somewhat gourmet menu with comfortable but not overly casual environment, yet the ambiance ...