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Momoya is a Japanese restaurant located at 427 Amsterdam Ave in New York, NY 10024. Momoya has been described as an Exceptional Japanese restaurant and has received an average rating of 6.5 by our members.

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This is one of the few choices we have. food is not amazing but pretty good...


Honestly it's hard to find a good Japanese place in Chelsea. This is one of the few choices we have...


We went out for a special girls' night, and it was a great experience. Our waiter was helpful and attentive, and the food was fantastic...


It is a little hard to just walk in with a group of 4 but we asked to wait and the hostess reluctantly let us. We were so happy we did...


Without noticing the bill came up to $300 which I don't think is justified. I eat sushi in LA almost every week...


i called and asked and they don't take reservations. well, fair enough...


Service could be a little better, but . The special rolls are really good- favorites are the lobster roll, nakamura roll, and Momoya's spicy tuna roll...

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    UWS is lacking in good restaurants, specially sushi ones. Planet sushi (you pay what you get for - the cheapest in the area). Haru (don't believe the hype, even though its sister restaurant got a Michelin star it's not so great), neo (it's closed now...that should say something, the place was super expensive). Sushi Hana (actually pretty good for the money). Momoya - it's a bit pricy, but the fish is fresh and tasty, the decor is quite nice here, some nice wood on the wall that creeps onto the ceiling and is reflected in mirrors. It's a win.

    I Ate:

    • Sancerre : Fine ($48)
    • Miso SOup: good ($3)
    • Kumamoto Oysters: good (6 came) ($12)
    • Sushi Sashimi Combo: good ($25)
    • Sashimi Entree: good ($23)
    • chicken katsudon: good ($16)
    • kampachi sashimi: good ($5)

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