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Umi Tochi is a Japanese restaurant located at 1015 Clay St in Oakland, CA 94620. Umi Tochi has been described as an Exceptional Japanese restaurant and has received an average rating of 6.5 by our members.

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    I was so excited when this place opened - even more excited that it's good sushi! It's a really nice looking place too, very open and clean.

    The buffet is fantastic, always something different to try each time I've gone.

    @ shanghai k.: true, there's no labels, but all of the cooks have been very helpful whenever I ask/bug them on what it is.

    If I'm not in the mood for the buffet, the Simon Roll & Spicy Tuna combo is also very good.

    Be warned though, if you get the buffet, you'll have to pretty much ask for your check - they often just leave you alone.

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    • sushi buffet: great ($10)

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