• Baby Food Khichdi For 7 Months

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Vasikaran Naidu

Baby Food Khichdi For 7 Months

khichdi for babies more than 7 months



15 mins


Rice - 100 grams
Moong dal - 50 grams
Ghee - three spoons

Cooking Instructions
Step 1 1. Take a small kadai and pour ghee in it. Fry the moong dal in it.
Step 2 2. Now, take a pressure cooker, wash the rice and pour the rice in it with sufficient water to get boiled
Step 3 3. Along with this, add moong dal which was fried to the rice and heat it with medium flame for 15 - 20 minutes.
Step 4 4. boil it in such a way it get mashed up so that baby may digest the food fastly.
Step 5 5. Now, khichdi is ready for your small baby which is very energetic.