• Ham Fried Rice

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Christian Allarde

Ham Fried Rice

Well just something I made with whatever was in my refrigerator, one day and some left over rice the night before made it into this fried rice. Some people put eggs in to their fried rice I'm not one of them. Any ways this is something that can be made when you're really hungry and you just need something in the stomach right away. And all you have are what you have at home or few left overs.






Left over ham, 1 onion 1 green onion, 2 chopped garlic, 4 cups cold cooked rice, oyster and soy sauce. Pepper

Cooking Instructions
Step 1 Dice the ham and in a skillet with little oil you want to cook the ham just warm it up and then put it aside. Then saute all the vegetables until nicely fragrant then add the cold crumbly rice and just mix everything together. Now add the oyster and soy sauce and just mix everything together and add the cooked ham. Season with pepper. Then serve.