• Mango Habanero Mustard

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James Sullivan

Mango Habanero Mustard

My cousin Mike served this spicy sweet mustard with some wonderful fresh grilled sausages. Note that the number of habaneros can be adjusted to your preferred level of "heat". The number here (8) will give a pretty good amount of "creep up" heat with this mustard - you may want to start off with 2 or three and add to the puree as you go if you are unsure of your tolerance level. This can be prepared ahead and stored for about as long as any prepared mustard in the refrigerator. Add to anything which you would normally use a prepared mustard. This mustard could even be used as a wonderful base for a pork or chicken marinade. Place into squeeze bottles and give as gifts to those who like a little heat.



30 minutes


Makes 3-4 CUPS

8 Fresh Habanero Chiles - seeded and roughly chopped (wear latex gloves!)
1 Ripe Mango - peeled, pitted, and roughly mashed
1 C Cheap Yellow Prepared Mustard
1/4 C Brown Sugar - packed
1/4 C Distilled White Vinegar
1 TB Prepared Curry Powder
1 TB Gr

Cooking Instructions
Step 1 Add all ingredients to blender or food processor and puree.
Step 2 Portion into plastic squeeze bottles. Leftover plastic mustard bottles work great.