• Venezuelan Hallacas

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Venezuelan Hallacas

Recipe for preparing hallacas is divided into three parts: * The preparation of stew * The preparation of the dough and conditioning of the leaves * The preparation and cooking (boil) of the hallaca






Ingredients for Stew:
1 kg. The upper leg of the pork cutting up filthy thinly
2 Kg. Beef cutting thinly
2 Kg. Hen boiled and cut (without bones)
½ kg. The bacon cooked and cutting thinly
1 ½ kg. Onions finely cut into cubes
½ kg. leek finely cut

Cooking Instructions
Step 1 Begin the first day making stew, and let stand aside, the following day prepare the dough and arm ornaments for the hallacas.
Step 2 The preparation of stew:
Step 3 Make sure meat does not have excess of fat and cut into small cubes, each cook meat separately in boiling water, without softening completely, reserve broth.
Step 4 In a large pot sauté onions and garlic in hot oil until transparent, add the leek and onions and let cook for about 5 minutes, add the red pepper and sweet pepper, let cook a few more minutes and add the meat, let them mix for a while and add all other ingredients leaving last tomatoes and wine. Pepper and salt as much as you like.
Step 5 Apart dissolve papelón (brown sugar) in water and cornmeal. You need to make sure not to dry the stew and add chicken or beef broth. Add little papelón and cornmeal dissolved, and stir with a wooden paddle, give a little color with oil onoto. Let cook for about 40 minutes, until thick consistency to be. Let stand and book it.
Step 6 The following day, prepare the dough, leaves and arm ornaments for the hallacas, mass prepares pouring cornmeal in a large container enough to mix it,
Step 7 -one part (1 cup) boiled with onoto, strain to discard the onoto seeds, add 3 parts without coloring (3 cups), add salt and mix well, add little by little 3 cups of chicken broth and mixed again to get a soft mass.
Step 8 Preparation of the ornament:
Step 9 Take a banana leave, one of the largest and greases with a little butter made before, place in the center of the banana leave a ball of dough and make it thin with your fingers, creating a symmetrical circle, then add the stew cold and put it on the ornaments distributed harmoniously. Then double by the wide blade, creating a rectangular fold until it closed, double the ends inward and wrap it with the smallest leaf, then take the strip sheet and secure the hallaca in the middle, tie it with thread making it cross, two sometimes in each direction(like a present).
Step 10 When you have several hallacas lists enter them into a large pan with boiling water for one hour, remove and drain, let cool completely, and, if possible, wait a whole day to serve and can better appreciate their flavor. For reheat enter them into boiling water for 20 minutes, remove and drain.