Chef’s Fall Recipes: Jennifer Cole-Ruiz’s Quail with Fall Gratin and Concorde Grapes

Chef Jennifer Cole-Ruiz started her culinary career in Atlanta with an apprenticeship under Hei..

Chef’s Fall Recipes: Jennifer Cole-Ruiz’s Red Wine Oxtail Fideua

Chef Jennifer Cole-Ruiz started her culinary career in Atlanta with an apprenticeship under Hei..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Chef Jennifer Cole-Ruiz’s Chicharrones

I've been friends with Chef Jennifer Cole-Ruiz for a while now and I respect her wholly as a pr..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Jennifer Cole-Ruiz’s Fried Green Tomatoes with Crab Remoulade

Chef Jennifer-Cole Ruiz made her way into our hearts through our bellies with her amazing devil..

Chef Jennifer Cole Guests Posts for the Week

Chef Jennifer Cole has quickly become a good friend. When I met her and listened to her talk ab..

A Talk with Taberna’s Jennifer Cole

[caption id="attachment_30012" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Taberna's Chef Jenni..

Mother’s Day Deals

Five days to Mother's day and you still haven't made resos? What the heck are you waiting for? ..

Outdoor Dining NYC

Screw Ned Stark and his crappy premonition "Winter is coming". If you consider yourself a  sum..

Easter Roundup: NYC

You know you don't want to cook for the whole family on Easter. That means a whole day's prep &..

Pounds & Ounces: A Good Reason to Gain Them

Pounds & Ounces has taken over the Chelsea home of the Viceroy. I recently paid the restaurant ..

FriendsEAT Meetup at the Fat Goose

If you have not joined our NY dining Meetup group; you should. Our team would love to break bre..

Review The Fat Goose Brooklyn

When Chef Jennifer Cole informed me that she was moving from the Upper West Side to Brooklyn, I..

Review Market Table Restaurant New York

Upon my return from Europe, it was necessary to catch up with all my friends and colleagues. Wh..

The Real Spanish Cuisine Part 4

When I moved to New York after living almost 15 years abroad I was both delighted and disappoin..

The Real Spanish Cuisine Part 3

I arrived to Madrid in 1996. My plan to travel 3 months quickly changed to staying a year af..

The Real Spanish Cuisine Part 2

One of the things that make Spain so unique is its sense of regional identity. It is a relati..

The Real Spanish Cuisine – Part I

Originally my fascination of Spain came from a historical point of view. Kingdom of conquered a..

Taqueria de Los Muertos Prospect Heights Brooklyn

I desperately needed to escape the island. Antonio and I decided that meeting our very good fri..

Writing Your Own Food Blog

If you are reading this, you are probably one of those people (like me) who are constantly thin..


I got an email a few days ago from the Western Pistachio Association asking if we'd like some ..

James Beard Foundation Awards Restaurant and Chef Semifinalists

The James Beard Foundation has finally announced the semifinalists for their 2014 Restaurant an..

Where to Eat Valentine’s Day in NYC

You still have not made reservations. No need to bang your head against the wall. Try one of th..

SceneTap: Helping Creepy Men Stalk Women Everywhere

A new smartphone app called SceneTap uses facial detection technology via cameras placed strate..

Vai Restaurant Review New York

Susan Rike invited me and a few other food writers to eat at Vai. It is the brainchild of Vince..

2010 James Beard Semi-Finalist announced

The "Oscars" of the restaurant industry is in full swing as the semifinalists for the chef and ..

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