Má Pêche

Loving all of David Chang's properties and hearing that he opened a new place closer to my home..

Interview with Chef Heather Joy Morrison

Conscious convenience has come a long way at Locali. Chef Heather Joy Morrison heads the culina..

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Lisa Tse, CEO and head chef of the award winning Sweet Mandarin talks about her culinary work, ..

Interview with Deborah Topcik

  When you are the Director of Marketing for a restaurant like Z Tejas, you have a big re..

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Masato Nishihara is one of the most accomplished chefs.  Despite his youthful looks, he is the..

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Super Bowl food is usually paired with beer, but wine lovers should not let this event dictate ..

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If there is someone who fits the description of a brilliant artist, Terrance Brennan comes to ..

Interview with Thomas Blythe

We recently ran a feature of the Top 100 Restaurants Using Twitter. These restaurants get it. T..

Mile End Delicatessen

When you think of Montreal, a Jewish delicatessen may not be the first thing you think about. P..

Taurus Restaurant

It was a shame that we were fed up with beef by the time we made it to Taurus in Bogota. Taurus..

Interview with Food Blogger Dan Keller

Dan Keller is one of the sweetest people I have met through twitter. He's also a pretty talent..

La Pizzeria at the Intercontinental in Cali Colombia

"La Pizzeria" is one of the restaurants at the Intercontinental hotel in the Peñón neigh..

Interview with Chef Najat Kaanache Amghiraf

Chef Najat Kaanche Amghiraf never expected to become a world renowned chef. Her life was leadin..

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For the sheer love his local cuisine, a man would sometimes rise up and give his best in promot..

How to Throw A Perfect New Year’s Bash

I'm sure that the holiday rush is upon you now. And I don't really blame you for that. After al..

Top 25 Recipes of 2010

25. Scallop and Shrimp Risotto Recipe: What could be more luxurious than scallop and shrimp r..

Dieci Restaurant Review

I don't know what took me so long to review Dieci, I have been there on numerous occasions and ..

Four Fruits You Should Be Eating in 2011

As 2011 approaches, many of us will be making resolutions: not smoking, getting a better job, l..

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Food blogs are heating up their posts as the Big Day is just two days away!  Fill up with idea..

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Christmas is barely four days away, and we cannot help but go wide-eyed as we searched for the ..

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Duane Marcus is more than just an organic farmer, he and his wife Robin are avid permaculturis..

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As we are counting down, let us count the ways you can prepare for the upcoming holidays whethe..

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Many of you probably wonder how vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free enthusiasts manage to survi..

FriendsEAT New Blog Design

In time to celebrate the New Year, we have revamped our blog design featuring a cleaner, more d..

Food Blog Digest – Ten Days ’til Christmas

As we keep on giving you more holiday ideas and articles that will make your New Year knowledge..

Food Blog Digest – Anticipating Christmas

For today's blog roll, we have gathered more recipes, an important rolling tip, and a sentiment..


I got an email a few days ago from the Western Pistachio Association asking if we'd like some ..

The Yard

The Yard on New York City's Upper West side officially opened today. It is located in what I se..

Interview with Chef Didier Lailheugue

Chef  Didier Lailheugue is one of France's great gifts to the US. He is currently the execut..

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Days tend to move faster during winter time, and bloggers tend to blog more about the season an..

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As bloggers seem to be brewing their special holiday posts until the holidays, many posts ventu..

Beijing Noodle No. 9: A Place of Fun Dining

One of my favorite parts of being invited to the Taste of Las Vegas (by the Harrah's group) was..

Interview with Food Blogger and Chef Felisha Wild

I "met" Chef Felisha on Twitter, we quickly found that we shared the same passion for food and..

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Bread and soup make a perfect combo, but you can always throw in a couple of desserts for a nic..

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In this season of giving, the most difficult part of gift-giving is what to choose as gifts. Ev..

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Many bloggers are now inspired with the fast-approaching Christmas holidays.  As we move forwa..

What’s Cookin’ on Twitter – Popcorn

Let's face it: popcorn is comfort food.  It may taste bland when you take it off the stove, ..

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We have recently wrapped up Thanksgiving, the Hanukkah has just begun. In a few weeks we will b..

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As Thanksgiving has come to pass, we can reflect on the things that could have been and the thi..

Food Blog Digest – Thank you, Thanksgiving.

The day is here, every home is probably slaving away to make sure that turkey is set, the stuff..

Kerry’s Gourmet Burgers: Just the Right Mix

Rock and Roll, Little Caesars and late night hours...not the things that make you think of a wo..

On Alzheimer’s and Antioxidants

Alzheimer's is a disease that has affected my family. My grandmother has gone from a vibrant, s..

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With the big day just a day away, we have gathered recent blog posts that pave the way to Thank..

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Food and movies have something in common: they allow sharing an experience of entertainment an..

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Blogs are raining with Thanksgiving goodness.  In today's digest, check out a blog that answer..

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I met Jessica her husband Lon during a Las Vegas food event. Outside of them being incredibl..