Chef’s Summer Recipes: Montez Crane’s Heirloom Tomato Salad

Chef Montez Crane, a member of the Seneca tribe out of western New York, credits his maternal g..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Robert Tobin’s BBQ Surf N Turf

Chef Robert Tobin of TAMO bar & terrace finds absolute pleasure in cooking outdoors during the ..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Jason Hicks’ Coronation Chicken Sandwich

Most people think of British food as boring and heavy. That is probably because they have never..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Chris Brugler’s Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna with an Avocado Mousse

What do you get when you combine youth, enthusiasm, and training under Chefs such as Paul Bocu..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Michael Symon’s Knob Creek Smoky Salty And Spicy Grilled Chicken Thighs

If you haven't heard of Chef Michael Symon, you've probably been living under a rock. Symon's ..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Chris Brugler’s Watermelon and Feta Mousse Finished with Balsamic

Chef Chris Brugler developed his passion for the culinary arts as a teenager, and made it a g..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Herve Malivert’s Greenmarket Salad with Lobster

Chef Herve Malivert's motto is "Make food, not war!". We completely agree with his message. Che..

Cucumber Nitrogen Mojito Recipe

Bet you didn't know July 11 is National Mojito Day. is. So we figured why not join in ..

Roka Akor Chicago Summer Mojito Recipe

Roka Akor was recently voted as "Top 10 Sushi Spots in the United States"by Bon Appetit and Tra..

Sarah O’Toole’s Kombucha Mojitos Recipe

Mojitos aren't exactly the healthiest of cocktails. They're traditionally made with sugar, mint..

Elderflower Mojito Recipe

TAMO bar & terrace is known for serving regionally-influenced and locally-sourced cuisine, and ..

Maple Mojito Recipe

The Tyler Place's on-site tavern serves up a Vermont Maple Mojito in the Summer months. Their V..

“MojiTee” from Villas of Grand Cypress Recipe

We asked Mixologist Adrian Priestly of Villas of Grand Cypress to share his favorite Mojito rec..

Mango Serrano Mojito Recipe

You are going to love this recipe for a Mango Serrano Mojito from The House at Secret Garden. I..

TAO-Hito Recipe

The grandeur of the great Asian temples has been transported to New York at Tao (42 East 58 228..

Pink Mojito Recipe

Benjamin Newby loves nightlife. With a passion forged by the hedonism of the UK house scene in ..

Taste Real Mexico at Real Mexico in Columbia, SC

Have you ever just stopped somewhere because you were on a long drive and you were starving. Yo..

Amelie NODA Charleston,NC

Amelie is an incredibly cute French casual restaurant in the NODA (North of Davidson) neighborh..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Chef Herve Malivert’s Tomato and Feta Cheese Salad

Chef Herve joined The FCI in 2006 where he teaches students in the classic culinary program ne..

Soul Gastrolounge Charlotte, NC

What a disappointment. I rarely write unflattering reviews, but this place was simply  unsatis..

NOM NOM Burger in Charlotte Stands Up to its Name

After spending a glorious week in Charleston, it was difficult to spend time in Charlotte. Char..

Culinary Job Listings

You asked, we listened. FriendsEAT has just launched a jobs board to make it easy for restauran..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier’ Classic Lobster Rolls

What does a lobster roll made by two James Beard Award winning chefs taste like? It tastes like..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Chef Jennifer Cole-Ruiz’s Chicharrones

I've been friends with Chef Jennifer Cole-Ruiz for a while now and I respect her wholly as a pr..

French Restaurant Week Summer 2013

I'm a little bummed this year since I won't be in NYC for French Restaurant Week which is takin..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Chef Sal Scognamillo’s Low Fat Baked Calamari Salad

Summer is here; that means swimsuits, shorts and summer dresses. That does not mean we have to ..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Ralpheal Abrahante’s Trio Tartare

Chef Ralpheal Abrahante celebrates authentic Greek cooking at Thalassa with an emphasis on c..

Cocotte, as tiny as a cocotte, but full of flavor

Sometimes you just don't want to let people in on your secret. It took me quite a while to craf..

Plated: Recipe Delivery Service Review

I tend to be an early adapter. When I heard of Plated, I was all over it. What is Plated? Basic..

Sotto Sopra Amagansett, Making Tuscany Proud

We were recently invited to the Hamptons to check out the pet friendly resort, the Southampton ..

D’Artagnan Duckathlon 2013

D'Artagnan may be not just the best supplier of delicious meats in the US, they may be one of t..

Bad Seeds: A FriendsEAT Guide to GMOs and Monsanto

For the last 4 years, FriendsEAT has included newsworthy articles related to genetically modifi..

Taming Aries the Ram With Mint Pesto

This is a guest post by trained astrologer and at home chef Joan Porte. She is the author of..

June Foodie Freebies

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Chef John Schenk’s Grilling Tips

Chef John Schenk, who is known for his intensive knowledge of meat and steaks, joined the BR ..

Cali Swizzle

Memorial Day weekend is sort of the unofficial start of summer. Summer means cocktails, delicio..

Free SmashBurger May 28 If…

Random & strange promotion (and useless to me since my name is NOT burger)...but yeah, SmashBur..

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Outdoor Dining NYC 2013

Screw Ned Stark and his crappy premonition "Winter is coming". If you consider yourself a  sum..

The Food Blogger’s Cheat Sheet

0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P QR S T U V W X Y Z 0 - 9 301 A 301 redirect is when a p..

Super Easy Blue Cheese Dip Recipe

You love wings, but you and I both know that the calories in blue cheese can be daunting if you..

Gangnam Style Hits the Food Industry

While we await North Korea's plans to nuke the planet, savvy restaurateurs realize that nothing..

When to Take Social Security

I have been looking into social security for a while. As the daughter of a person who is appr..

Easter Roundup: NYC

You know you don't want to cook for the whole family on Easter. That means a whole day's prep &..

Fun Easter 2013 New York

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Super Easy Thai Inspired Mussels

You have an obsession with mussels, I know you do because you opened up this piece. I do too. T..

Pros & Cons of Restaurants Using Ipads as Menus

You love your iPad. Heck, I love mine. And I've heard of restaurants using them as menus, but I..

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Malai Marke

You love Indian food, you're just not so sure about how clean those restaurants on 6th Street a..

National Margarita Day Recipe

February 22nd is National Margarita day. I kinda like this holiday because lots of fabulous bar..