Share a Meal, Fight Hunger

The Brooklyn Art House, a group that builds global art projects, has been connecting communitie..

The Quarter: They had me at Foie Gras Fig Newtons

I received an invite to dine at The Quarter, a lovely, super tiny place that recently opened up..

NYC Brazilian Carnaval 2013

Maybe you can't afford the flight to Brazil, but you can afford to party and celebrate Carnaval..

Where to Eat Valentine’s Day 2014 in NYC

You still have not made reservations. No need to bang your head against the wall. Try one of th..

Interview with Chef Gaston Acurio

I recently had the chance to interview famed Chef Gaston Acurio. He is the man responsible for ..

You’ll Sing Do-Raymi for Raymi

I'm sure you can tell by the title that I'm feeling saucy. Could be because I finally made it o..

2nd Annual Chocolate Week New York

I received an incredible invite from Severine Piquet of MPB Agency. It was for a press lunch to..

The Empire Room’s Chocolate Kiss Valentine’s Cocktail

The Empire State Building may be one of the most romantic places in NYC. People often propose t..

Superbowl 2013

Sunday, February 3 is the day you've been waiting for, Superbowl 47. But you've been too busy t..

Interview with Firebird Chef Paul Joseph

When I was invited to dine at FireBird, I was not expecting much. The area is known for sub..

Where to celebrate Valentine’s in NYC 2013

Two weeks until Valentine's Day. If you procrastinate like I do. There's no need to worry. We'v..

Escape into Paradise at Oficina Latina

I try out lot of restaurants, so you can skip the bad ones. I'm thrilled to say that Oficina La..

Where to eat Valentine’s 2013 NYC

Valentine's Day is usually a day when restaurants jack up their prices and give you sub par ser..

Sandeman Chocolate Passion

Port is the ultimate in sensuality. It is rich, luscious, and flavorful. I'm a fan of Sandeman..

Review Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai Blueberries

I know you love Klout as much as I do. It's nice to receive freebies and samples that are tailo..

More Foodie Freebies January 2013

Some more cool foodie freebies have popped into my radar. Claim them before they are gone! Bra..

Cream of Cashew Soup

Not sure why people don't cook with cashews more often. Cashews have lower fat content than mos..

Kahve Upper West Side

If you're feeling sluggish on the Upper West and need a serious caffeine fix, you are in luck. ..

Peanut Soup

Insane? Nah! Delicious? YES! 1 medium onion, chopped 2 cups smooth peanut butter 2 ribs of cel..

Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer

My very good friend Matt pointed me towards an incredible product on Amazon: the Hutzler 571 Ba..

Foodie Freebies 2013

Everyone loves freebies. If you want some freebies this January, check out these great offers f..

Pays d’Oc: A Bargain in a Bottle

I was recently invited to a tasting of Pays d'Oc wines hosted by Snooth Media's Editor in Chief..

FriendsEat 2012 Best Food Blogger Winners

We've tallied up the results of each category to find out who you, the FriendsEAT c..

New Years Eve Restaurant Specials NYC 2012 – Part 3 really procrastinate. Nah, you just do your research before making any significant ch..

NY Restaurant Christmas Specials 2012 â” Part Three

You've been procrastinating. I've got to get all that holiday shopping done. But isn..

NY Restaurants Offering Feast of the Seven Fishes in 2012

Living in an Italian-American neighborhood introduced me to many delightful culinary experience..

Masaharu Morimoto to Judge Miss Universe

In a very "alternate world" kind of way, an Iron Chef will be judging Miss Universe. Yup, Iron..

Party Like There’s no To-Maya: NY End of the World Parties

I love the end of the world. It seems to come around every couple of years and gives me one mor..

New Years Eve Restaurant Specials NYC 2012 – Part 2

If you still can't decide where to ring in the New Year, maybe we can help you make up your min..

The Restaurateur on WNET

If you have not seen The Restaurateur, you are missing out on one of the best food/NYC movies o..

New Years Day Hair of the Dog NYC

I know you'll be hung over January 1, 2013. Don't even try to kid me. I'll be hung over too. If..

Grab a Cocktail, Help the World

I love it when places make it easy and fun for us to do a little good. The Royalton (44 West 44..

NY Restaurant Christmas Specials 2012 – Part Deux

If you called all the restaurants on my first list and they were already booked, no need to cry..

New Years Eve Restaurant Specials NYC 2012

One of the best things about NYC (although it was not mentioned on our list of 25 reasons NYC i..

NY Restaurant Christmas Specials 2012

It's a most wonderful time of the year. Of course, it's not so wonderful if you're the one stuc..

December Freebies

Come on...I know you like freebies. Heck, I like freebies. So check these out and grab them bef..

Hungry for Hanukkah NYC?

Let's face it. New Yorkers are busy. After a full week of work, who wants to spend all day chop..

If I Cook Meat For Too Long Does It Lose Nutrients?

The meat loses protein, but the cooking process actually makes it easier for your tummy to dige..

An Introduction to Shoyu

The first time I experienced soy sauce was at a Chinese restaurant in across the street from Qu..

Worst Video Recipe in The World

I thought it could not get worse than Rachael Ray's bacon recipe...I was proven wrong. ..

Top 10 Burgers in New York

If you are a tourist, you are not seeing the real NYC if you stick to Times Square. New Yorkers..

FriendsEAT Best Blogger 2012 Nominations Extended

We have been inundated with requests to extend the due date for blogger nominations due to the ..

Review Red Rooster Harlem

I don't know why it took me so long to get to Marcus Samuelsson's Red Rooster. He was one of ..

Nominate Your Favorites for the 2012 BEST Food Blogger Contest

The wait is over. Nominations are open for the second annual FriendsEAT "Best Food Blogger Cont..

Where to Charge Up For Black Friday 2012 in NYC

You'll be fighting off hoards of women (and some men) at the sales rack on Black Friday. You'll..

Les Cinq Amandes

I got a sweet invite to the NY Chocolate Show this past weekend. I got to taste a lot of yummy ..

Restaurants Hosting Thanksgiving in NYC 2012 â” Part 3

You've seen Part 1, you perused Part 2, and you still have not made reservations? This means yo..

Celebrate Diwali in NYC

You don't have to be Indian to celebrate Diwali. The "Festival of Lights" represents the triump..

Sandeman Porto Cocktails

Porto is the beverage of Gods. I remember tasting my first vintage Porto (1977 - which happens ..

Effects of Hurricane Sandy on the Wine & Spirits Industry

I worked in the wine industry for quite a long time and have a very large spot in my heart for ..