The Food Blogger’s Cheat Sheet

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Blog Term Glossary


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I decided to crowdsource a collection of technology terms which can help bloggers as a quick cheat sheet when dealing with a term they do not know. This is purely crowd sourced so some of the definitions could use some help. By no means is this the complete list of terms a writers need when doing a blog but it should be helpful. If you have suggestions on other terms please add them to the comments below.

A 301 redirect is when a page is redirected to another page. Example: is redirected to This is done for many different reasons such as a page is no longer relevant or you are consolidating various pages. In various CMS you can do this via a plugin or a module. See .htaccess for more information
It is a web server error. This error means the server could not complete the client’s request. It appears mostly when the user tries to go to a broken link.
.htaccess is a term used in association with web servers. Its one of the core parts of hosting a web site. We store the php files and stuff required to operate the website in the .htaccess folder.


Above Fold
Content on a webpage that is visible without having to scroll. When designing page/theme currently standard website resolution is 1024*768 but as widescreen monitors and mobile are moving to dominate web traffic these sizes are no longer the norm.
Adwords is an online marketing strategy, developed by Google. The investor invests some amount in his/her Adwords account, and Google shows the link to the investor’s site, in a Google search or beside Google-partner websites. Google takes a part of the invested amount, and rest is given to the partner websites.
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is when you agree to help promote other people’s products in return for a small fee. You create a website or webpage about a particular product and describe the products features, like a review of the product. You get paid when your website creates a sell for the product owner.
Age refers to how long a domain has been around. Domain names that have been registered a long time ago tend to rank better in search engines.
Alexa is a tool to measure a website’s traffic. It’s similar to Google Analytics, only it is aimed toward marketing sites. It is a free service owned by Amazon.
Alt Attribute
HTML and XHTML documents use Alt Attribute to specify alternate text for various elements, this text is rendered when the element to which it is applied can not be rendered. The text is also used by Screen Reader software to help blind person interact with the website.
Amazon Associates
Associates is an affiliates program setup by Amazon where website owners get a fee for all referrals sent to Amazon. The referred user must click on a custom link provided by the website and has 24-hours to purchase a product. Initial referral rates are 4% of all sales and go up as more sales are made. See affiliate marketing.
Amazon AWS
Is a cloud computing platform that makes it easy for developers to scale their applications. Some of the product line includes Amazon EC2 for servers and Amazon RDS for databases.
Analytics are a way to measure web traffic, conversions, goals, and revenue. A few of the top analytic software are Google Analytics, Statcounter, and Mixpanel.
Anchor Text
Anchor text can be defined as the text under which the hyperlink is hidden. Instead of posting the whole link of a page, we hide it under a short term/phrase, which is a keyword. This text is called Anchor Text. Anchor text is very important in terms of bringing up the site in search results.
AOL is America Online. It is a company based on New York. The company mainly offers services based on internet. One of the major services is online gaming.
API refers to Application Programming Interface. It is a kind of language used by the software’s, to communicate with each other. API contains different components like variables and classes.


Bing is a search engine like Google. It was made by Microsoft. Bing is one of the top 10 browsers.
Black Hat SEO
The term means the techniques involved in breaking the rules and regulations of search engine to get higher search rankings. Usually these techniques are meant to be unethical. These techniques do work for a short time.
These are list of links to blogs that the blogger likes. It can be seen on blog’s side bar. Some bloggers divide their Blogroll into categories. The Blogroll can be updated at any time.
Blogger is a kind of service offered by Google. Using this, the person can publish his/her own blogs. Blogs can be used to write anything he/she would like to.
Is a list of other blogs you like. This usually exists on a right or left side widget and links directly to the blog. Usually linked blogs receive a SEO benefit for being linked to.
Bookmark is a pointer to a web page. Mostly we keep the bookmarks in the browser. It equips the user to easily access websites, which are frequently visited. A single click on the bookmark takes the user to the site bookmarked. Social bookmarking is a new trend, in which users can share their bookmarks with others.
Bread Crumb Navigation
This is great feature to help users know where a page exists in the taxonomy. Example would be : Shoe | Nike | Sports | Red . This would be somewhere in the article with links to each category that is higher in the taxonomy.
Broken Link
Sometimes when a website is linked to the link itself maybe broken. This can be due to mistyping in the code (ex. Httpp:// vs. http://) or the site that is being linked to has moved. To correct situations like this if you are being linked to is to contact the webmaster.


Cache can be defined as a very small memory, which is used to store information. The specialty of the information stored is that, it will be the one which is accessed quite frequently. Cache is commonly known as ‘cache memory’. The process of caching stores the most accessed information into this high speed memory.
Canonical URL
The Canonical URL tag is a means to point search indexing bots to a specific URL when they encounter multiple copies of web pages. It helps you ensure the bot goes to the original content, rather than a duplicate. Since duplicated pages can hurt search engine ranking, this is generally seen as a positive.
The term “Chrome” describes an alloy of different metals that can be plated onto a surface to impart a shiny, silvery surface. “Chrome” also refers to an internet browser created by the company Google, which offers fewer bells and whistles than the standard internet browser, in favor of increased web speed. Google Chrome is free and available for download at
Comment Spam
Comment spam is any comment published on a web page, which is a spam. Many times, automated processes/bots are used to publish comments. Mostly, they are ADs or references to some other website. All such comments fall under this category.
Cookies are the small data files which are stored at the local machine of user by websites to track them. Websites use cookies to customize the user experience and various affiliates programs use them to track the actions.
Copyright refers to the ownership. It can be the ownership of anything from a simple video recording, to a whole length movie. Copyright makes the rights of using the content, only with the actual owner of the content. If someone uses the content without copyright holder’s approval, he will be prosecuted.
CPC refers to Cost per click. It is the estimated cost for each click by the user. It is a term widely used by blogger and AdSense users, due to the importance in an estimation of online earning.
The definition of the word CPM is Cost per thousand ad impressions.
Creative Commons
This is a license that allows other people to use, remix, or change an owners content while still allowing the owner to retain ownership. This is big in the open source community.
CTR is the shortened form of Click-through rate, that is used to measure the success of an online advertising campaign. Customers initial response to the websites can be captured through CTR.

D is a kind of social bookmarking site. Here, we can collect and organize the links to our favorite sites, and share with other people. The advantage is that we can get links from people who have the same tastes as ours.
Digg is a social bookmarking site. It enables the users to vote the web content up or down. Digg is a development of an experiment done in the year 2004.
A directory is a website that offers categorized links, usually on a specific topic. Directories have, in the past, been heavily abused by SEOs and are therefore somewhat frowned upon by the search engines. However, a good directory that follows established guidelines from the major search engines can still achieve quality search rankings.
DNS is an acronym that stands for Domain Name System. It is sometimes mistakenly used to refer to “Domain Name Server”; however those should only be referred to as Name Servers (NS). The DNS outlines the system whereby a domain such as “” is directed to point toward a specific IP address, such as “”. This allows users to find websites using names that employ human language rather than being required to remember and type in the IP address of every website. It also allows a single IP address to be shared among multiple domains.
Domain is a part of the name of the website. It is the ending part/ last portion of the name of a website. Some of the domain names are com,tk,edu,org. There are free and paid domains.
Drupal is an open source framework used for content management. Drupal manages account registration, menus, page layouts and RSS feeds. Making it easily to manage your website. It is used by millions of website owners.


E book is a book in a digital form. This device could consists of texts, images and both. The book is readable on computers and other electronic devices.


Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads are the advertisements shown on the sides of Facebook pages. These Ads are user-specific, meaning they comes according to the interest of the specific user. Interests are calculated by analyzing the search keywords and many other factors. Facebook receives a specific revenue, when the user clicks the ad and lands on an external site.
Facebook Connect
Facebook Connect is a software program that allows you to use your Facebook profile to log in to other websites without having to make a new login profile every time you try to sign in somewhere. Google and Google+ has a similar program but it is not as wide spread. Using Facebook Connect will save you some typing time and the need to remember multiple passwords, but is it a secure way to register with multiple sites considering the warnings not to use the same password on multiple sites.
Facebook Page
Any page in Facebook is called a Facebook page. It can be a homepage, group page or a community or whatever page in Facebook. The page will begin like
Favicon is some kind of small image/graphic, which is the smallest identity of a website. When the website is opened, the favicon is found on the top-left of the tab. Also, favicons are shown widely in the social networking pages too. Its a strong tool for online marketing, the icon is shown beside the like and share buttons.
Feed Reader
Feed Reader is a software or a website which can be used to subscribe to various feeds like RSS, Atom. They aggregate the feeds and user can read all feeds from easy to use interface.
Foodie is the name used to call a typical person, who have a special interest in enjoying variety of food. This kind of people eat different types of food as a hobby. Like coin collection, stamp collection etc., foodies eat different kind of foods. Rather than killing hunger, they simply enjoy eating as a hobby.
Food Porn
Food Porn is when a photo of an image looks so tasty it creates the desire to eat the food.
FriendsEAT is a social community for food and dining enthusiasts. FriendsEAT reviews local restaurants for their unique recipes, chefs and atmosphere. These reviews are then posted in culinary articles and on food blogs. This collaboration of articles is based in one online site called FriendsEAT for all your dining needs.
FTP is the shortened form of File Transfer Protocol. It transfer files from one host to another host over a TCP-based network. It has a client server architecture that uses separate data connections between client and server.


In the SEO trade, giveaways are seen as a promotional mechanism to drive traffic to a website. From a marketing standpoint, the giveaway is expected to increase the brand awareness of the website among its target audience. In some cases, giveaways are used to attract new inbound links.
Google AdSense
AdSense is a service offered by Google, in which ads are displayed in your website/blog. Ads are placed according to the content of your blog/site, and the interests of people visiting the same. The owner of the services of which Ads are posted, pays an amount to Google. Google distributes the amount between themselves, and the blog/site owner, when someone clicks the ad. It is currently the best form of online marketing.
Google Adwords
Google Adwords is meant for small website owners and business people to project their self in the other similar websites and show other business details as advertisements in their own websites. This is very useful to make some handful income by just advertising other businesses.
Google Site Links
Google Site Links are the links shown below search results. They are the links to the search result shown. These are shown by automated process by Google, and they are shown only if the parent site allows to fetch the link. It is a great webmaster tool.
Google Traffic Estimator
Google Traffic Estimator is a tool which helps the user to get an overall idea on how a keyword performs. Its an analysis where the specific word is compared to other keywords. Estimates on position, traffic, CPC etc. are given.
Google Trends
Google trends is a service provided by Google using which users can analyze the popularity of their search terms. Using this, the users can compare how much a specific word was searched by others, compared to the other terms. The result is shown in a graphical representation. Also, option is available to use different languages.
Google+ is one of the big social networking application released by Google. Using Google+, it is possible add circles which can help to develop a business and up keep contacts and data. It can be used to personalize items by circling them and it is very useful when you want to comment somewhere or add reviews. Also it is very useful to share links, reviews, etc. to the people connected in Google+


How-To’s are instructional articles teaching a person how to do something. In food blogging world how-to’s tend to involve cooking techniques or hacking cookery.


Infographic is a interesting way of sharing a lot of information in a single page. Infographics can be made using paper and pen or by using a computer program. You can have many small snippets of information with links to the main page with the complete information. Very visual and very eye-catching.
Internet is something connects people who sit on one end to other end of the globe. Internet is the information source for most of the people who know to operate computers. Internet is basically for information search, sharing, getting connected and it makes our life pretty easy with few clicks
Internet Explorer
Internet explorer is a web browser. It is developed and owned by Microsoft. It is abbreviated as IE. It is one of the top 10 browsers.

IP Address”>IP Address

IP address stands for Internet Protocol. An IP address consists of a series of numbers assigned to your specific device such as a computer, printer, smart phone, etc. This series of numbers identifies your devices within a computer network that uses Internet Protocol for communication. An IP address functions as a host or network interface to identify your devices and location.


A jpeg is a file format made for the web that is more compressed then a .raw image which are typical in SLR cameras.


Keyword Stuffing
Keyword stuffing is when you over-use keywords in your website or blog. Keyword stuffing used to get you ranked higher in Google, but Google has changed the way it ranks pages. It is no longer a good idea to use to many keywords in your blog or website.
SEO is an internet dictionary of sorts. It lists or has a glossary of words and terms commonly used as online jargon. Popular terms in tweets or blogs will be collected and defined for the common public.


Landing Page
The page that responds to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement. It is also known as “lead capture page” or a “lander”. These pages are linked from social media mostly.


Meta Description
Meta Description is the short paragraph which gives information about the link to be clicked. This is very important for getting users visit the site, which means for getting clicks. The information have to be very short and precise, so that the user is attracted.
microformat is something which makes the code understandable by the system as well humans. It uses the standard HTML. They are mainly used in web search and web pages. It is a technical word which is meant for software engineers
Mobile is an electronic device which is used to communicate with others. Now-a days every person is using the mobile. With this people feel that they are talking with the opposite person directly.


Nofollow is a term used by ranking search engines. It tells the search engines to skip over a particular link or links on your website. Some links leading people off your website could lower your ranking in the search engines. So the nofollow rule was added to most websites so you can block search engines from reading certain links.
Notepad is a common text-only editor. Its files are saved with the extension .txt. Notepad accepts text from the Windows clipboard. However it offers only the most basic text manipulation functions


Orkut is a social network operated by Google. It is very popular in Brazil and India.


Permalink is expanded as permanent link. It is a URL that points to a specific blog or forum entry after it has moved from the starting page to the archives. Generally it is a human readable links.
A server side scripting language used for web development is known as PHP. 244 million websites and 2.1 million web servers have installed PHP in them. Hypertext Preprocessor is the expansion of PHP.
Plugins are small chunks of softwares, which are not standalone. They are used along with bigger, standalone softwares. They increase the functionality of the main software. Many times, different users add different plugins, to customize the parent software according to their taste. Plugins can be added from simple browsers to complex video editing softwares.
when I first heard of podcasting I didn’t understand what made it different from simply searching and then downloading a music file and listening to it much like I had been doing for years with MP3 music tracks. I had a knowledge gap because I still didn’t understand RSS and Content syndication. After Playing with RSS feed readers I understood the difference between searching and downloading music files and subscribing to podcasts. its all about having the files come through syndication instead files through search.
Poll can be defined as some strategy used to obtain public reaction/affinity towards specific things. A poll can be of huge size or lesser size, according to the number of people attending it. Polls are the basic building blocks of surveys.


Reddit is a kind of social networking site. Users can publish their text, or pictures and share them. Other users can vote for the published content. Rather than social networking, its like a bulletin board.
Review Sites
The site which is used to post the reviews about people, businesses, products, or services. These sites may use professional writers to write reviews. These sites gets support from advertising.
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. This is a way a user can subscribe to a blog feed. When users subscribe they can get often and timely notifications of blog events.


Search Engine Optimizing is to gathering people attention by putting the right thing at right place. It is mainly used for advertising purpose and get our result on top of other webpages that are on internet. SEO becomes one of the major online marketing strategy these days.
Serious Eats
Serious Eats is a very famous blog, in which a variety of food reviews are posted. It contains reviews about the food prepared in different parts of the globe. Even recipes are included, and the users can talk about their favorite dishes.
Social Bookmarks
Social bookmarks are similar to the bookmarks we create in our computer, but only difference being, its stored online. Social bookmarking have become very common, and very useful as the user can add some information about the link they have bookmarked. This enables the user to understand what is in the link, without, opening it. These bookmarks can be shared too.
Splash Page
Web pages which are developed in adobe flash or web designs that are done with maximum graphics are called splash pages. They are highly attractive than basic HTML pages. But they are very high in terms of their size. with slow internet connections, they become dull slow and sometimes become unusable.


Tag is a non-hierarchical keyword or term assigned to a piece of information. Tagging was popularized by websites associated with Web 2.0.Tagging has gained wide popularity due to the growth of social networking, photography sharing and bookmarking sites.
A theme can have different meanings according to the scope of subject. In an Operating system, the theme refers to the looks of the interface. Even the web browser have got different theme. Theme can be set by the user according to the user’s choice. When a girl likes a pink theme with angels in it, a tech-savvy might like a theme with robots all over. So, a theme sets your interface according to your tastes.
Twitter is social networking service that allows its users to send and read text messages of 140 characters. These messages are called “tweets”. Jack Dorsey is the man behind the creation of Twitter.


User Experience
Also known as UX, it is the interface people have with a system or website.


Video Blogging
Video Blogging is when a blogger records video about a topic they care about and uploads them to various services such as YouTube, Vimeo, and/or others.


White Hat SEO
White Hat SEO refers to the legitimate methods of doing SEO. In white hat SEO, the top keywords are analyzed, and they are used to bring up the webpage in search result. It is also called ethical SEO, which makes the term more easy to understand.
Widgets are tools that can be made available on the sidebar of your computer, by a purchased or free of cost download from the internet. Widgets contain applications for the computer that instruct the computer to perform a specific action, from the home screen. Each widget generally contains a specific and limited function, and can display specific information retrieved from the internet. For example, many widgets display the current date and time, weather conditions, or news headlines.
Word Press is a free blogging tool which is managed by PHP and MySQL. The Word Press users have the option of installing and switching between themes. Data of about 24,000 plugins are stored in the Word Press.


XML is a language that both people and computers can read. XML is mostly used in documents but is also used in data structures. XML language makes it easier for the individual to send files from a computer to the internet, because the language is readable by both the internet and the computer.


YouTube is a video sharing service operated by Google. It is one of the largest sites on the internet with thousands of videos being uploaded every hour


A zip file (also know as a .zip) is a compressed file. Popular zip programs are WinZip and WinRAR. Windows also has a built in unzip program.
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