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80% of US Pre-Packaged Foods Banned in Other Countries

In a new book written by Mira and Jason Calton, "Rich Food, Poor Food," the authors suggest 80%..

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High Pesticide Levels In 90% Of Celestial Seasonings Tea Samples

According to tests conducted by Eurofins, an independent analytic testing company, over 90 perc..

Psychiatric Manual Includes Caffeine Withdrawal As Mental Disorder

The American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, o..

New Starbucks Policy Forbids Smoking Within 25 Feet of Stores

A new policy which went into effect on June 1 at every Starbucks in the U.S. and Canada, forbid..

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TGI Fridays in New Jersey Caught Selling Cheap Liquor as Premium

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Big Dairy Wants to Sneak Aspartame Into Chocolate Milk

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Coke Goes Global With Anti-Obesity Campaign

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10 GMO Foods Have Entered Our Food Supply By Stealth

About 80 percent of all processed food on grocery shelves contains genetically engineered (GMO)..

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Beer Sales Plummet in U.S., United Kingdom and Germany

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Budweiser’s Creepy New “Buddy Cup” Connects Drinkers on Facebook

Budweiser recently introduced what they call the "Buddy Cup,"a pint beer glass with a built-in ..

The Sweetener HFCS-90 Has 2X Allowed Legal Limit

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World’s #1 Bottled Water Seller Wants to Privatize Water Supply

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Researchers Find Arsenic In Beer 2X More Than Allowed in Drinking Water

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Sugary Drinks Linked to 180,000 Global Deaths

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Coffee Titan Starbucks Buys First Coffee Farm

Starbucks has purchased its first coffee farm on 600 acres of land in Costa Rica. Besides harve..

Mississippi Thumbs Nose at NYC Mayor With Anti-Bloomberg Bill

Since a state judge in Manhattan struck down New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's rule cappi..

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Gatorade Removes Flame Retardant From Ingredients

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Junk Food Tied to Asthma

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