Coffee Brewers Secretly Swap Robusta For Arabica Beans

In addition to a price increase and reduction in packaging size, some months ago I noticed the ..

More Foodie Freebies January 2013

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Kahve Upper West Side

If you're feeling sluggish on the Upper West and need a serious caffeine fix, you are in luck. ..

Study: Fructose Triggers Brain Changes Leading to Obesity

Scientists have used magnetic resonance imaging to show for the first time that fructose can tr..

Blue Corn Free of GMO Contamination

As AltHealth's Nick Meyer points out, virtually all of America's corn supply is GMO, and corn i..

New Deadly Superbug Found in UK Milk Supply

The antibiotic-resistant staph infection known as MRSA kills more Americans than AIDS, and is w..

Pays d’Oc: A Bargain in a Bottle

I was recently invited to a tasting of Pays d'Oc wines hosted by Snooth Media's Editor in Chief..

Foods That May Trigger Headaches and Why

An estimated 10% to 15% of the population suffers from repeated migraines, mostly women, while ..

Great Price For K-Cups From a Great Company

I own a Keurig Mini-Plus Personal Coffee Maker which uses a patented disposable K-Cup insert th..

3 Miraculous Benefits of a Juicer: Jack Lalanne vs Hamilton Beach

While the number one juice extractor selling on Amazon is the Breville (model number BJE200XL) ..

Cancer Risk Linked to Food Dyes and Food Packaging

In addition to the various foods that may contribute to cancer -- alcohol, red and/or processed..

Top Wines: Behind the Enthusiast 100 (Infographic)

Calling all wine enthusiast  out there, here's an infographic made just for you!  A list of ..

Grab a Cocktail, Help the World

I love it when places make it easy and fun for us to do a little good. The Royalton (44 West 44..

What You Eat May Increase Your Cancer Risk

According to the Imperial Cancer Research Fund (ICRF), there are more than 200 types of cancer...

10 Reasons To Avoid High-Fructose Corn Syrup

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is the most common sweetener used today, and is incorporated i..

Starbucks Coffee VS Starbarks Doggie Daycare

There's a battle brewing between a small dog kennel and the corporate conglomerate Starbucks. ..

Karlsson’s Sly New Marketing Scheme: “Vintage” Vodka

With wine the word "vintage" is typically associated with a season's yield of wine from a viney..

5-Hour Energy Shots Linked to 13 Deaths

According to the Food and Drug Administration, in the last four years, 13 deaths have been repo..

The Rise of Civilization Coexisted with Drinking Animal Milk

Writing for Slate, Benjamin Phelan tackles the phenomenon known as lactose intolerance: the ina..

Spanish Chef Ferran Adrià Plastered on Pepsi Cans

Civilizations in Spain use to erect monuments to their celebrated cultural icons -- Queen Isabe..

Sandeman Porto Cocktails

Porto is the beverage of Gods. I remember tasting my first vintage Porto (1977 - which happens ..

Effects of Hurricane Sandy on the Wine & Spirits Industry

I worked in the wine industry for quite a long time and have a very large spot in my heart for ..

Pepsi Special: Japan’s New Fat-Blocking Soda

A curious variety of Pepsi has been released in Japan called "Pepsi Special," a beverage that c..

France To Slam Brewers With 160% Rise in Beer Tax

The French president, François Hollande, who defeated the incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy in the spr..

Can a Bacon Sandwich Cure a Hangover? Scientists Say Yes

Of the thousand and one alleged cures for a hangover, who would have guessed that after a night..

Eighteen-Year-Old Almost Killed by Liquid Nitrogen Cocktail

Surgeons were forced to remove the stomach of a UK teenager celebrating her eighteenth birthday..

Pomegranate Juice Inhibits Growth of Breast Cancer

Good nutrition plays a central role in sustaining good health and preventing disease. That mean..

Review Marenco Scrapona Moscato D’Asti

I recently received samples of various wines from Marenco winery. I started off with their Mosc..

Smallest Harvest in 20 Years for Champagne Makers

This year's drought has done more than elevate corn and soybean prices, which has led to a feed..

Social Media Explained With Coffee (Infographic)

Remember that viral image of the white board and donut analogy? I think the make of this Infogr..

Smashing Pumpkins Founder Opens Tea Shop

Best known as the founder and front-man for The Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan, a self-describ..

Bruce Willis May Have Lost His Taste For Vodka

In 2009, Bruce Willis began endorsing Sobieski, a Polish brand of vodka [see vodka recipes] own..

Oktoberfest NYC 2012

You don't need to go to Germany to enjoy Oktoberfest. Sure, it would be nice, but even if you c..

Magic Kingdom To Now Serve Beer and Wine

When the new Be Our Guest restaurant opens in November as part of the Fantasyland expansion at ..

Belgian 14th Edition Beer Weekend

I arrived in Brussels on August 31st, I was right on time for the 14th Edition of the Belgian B..

Cocktails for Mexican Independence Day

Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day. It's actually September 16th and it is called th..

NY Attorney General Investigates Energy Drink Makers

The New York State Attorney General has issued subpoenas to three firms that make energy drinks..

Theo Lieberman’s McKittrick Old-Fashioned Recipe

This recipe comes straight to us from  Theo Lieberman, the head barkeep at the Lantern's Keep..

White House Unexpectedly Releases Secret Beer Recipe

We recently featured an article on the popularity of President Obama's homebrewed White House H..

Christmas Alcoholic Drinks from Around the Globe (Infographic)

Hey! It's that time of the year again. Without even realizing, it's already September - the b..

Policies, Percentages and Profits in Restaurant Mark-Ups

Britain's Bee Wilson who writes "The Kitchen Thinker" food column for The Telegraph's Stella ma..

NYPD Raids Wrong Bar, Dumps Out Liquor, Then Brags About It

The City of New York has added one more fascist notch on their authoritarian belt. When New Yo..

Assistant DA Files FOIA for White House Beer Recipe

President Obama made culinary history with homebrewed White House Honey Ale. The ale was made w..

9-Year-Old Raises $3,000 From Lemonade Stand to Help Detroit

When 9-year-old Joshua Smith heard on the radio that Detroit was broke, he set up a lemonade st..

Bolivia Kicks Out Coca-Cola

Bolivia's Minister of External Affairs, David Choquehuanca, recently announced that Coca-Cola w..

Olympics: Turning Junk Food Into Gold?

In one of the most imbecilic articles I've ever read in The Wall Street Journal, Rachel Bachman..

Havens Olympic Cocktails

The Olympics are right around the corner and restaurants around the country are getting ready t..

Waterstone 2011 Carneros Chardonnay

I am currently sipping on the 2011 vintage of the Waterstone Carneros Chardonnay. I always wish..

Why is Flame-Retardant in Your Soda?

The always informative Jane Lear, former senior editor at Gourmet and author of several cookboo..

Celebrity Chef Cat Cora Busted For DUI Over 2X Legal Limit

Celebrity chef Cat Cora was cited in June for driving under the influence after she caused a mi..