The Food Hall By Todd English

`The Olives Table' by the dashingly handsome celebrity chef Todd English and professional cul..

Millions of Moules at Millesime

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Interview with Chef Jason Gancedo

Chef Jason Gancedo is responsible for the Downtown Los Angeles carnivore paradise known as Col..

Plum: A Pizzeria Where the Pasta Also Stars

Walking out of Plum the other night in the East Village my friend and I were raving about the R..

Top 10 Romatic Restaurant in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, city of angels, stars and dreamers. In a city like Los Angeles, it is simply unciv..

Interview with Chef Don Dickman

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Szechuan Gourmet

Seriously jonesing for Chinese food and not wanting to shell out a small fortune at Shun Lee (o..

Red Basil

Rutherford, NJ is turning out to be a pretty decent town for restaurants. My first choice for l..

Interview with Chef Ray Vasquez

Chef Ray Vasquez is the Executive Chef at Pop Champagne and Dessert Bar. Chef Vasquez is the pe..

Bar Boulud

Lyon native Daniel Boulud has become the king of French cuisine in NYC. He is responsible for t..

Top Ten Romantic Restaurants In Chicago

[caption id="attachment_163475" align="aligncenter" width="960"] A list of the top romantic res..

Interview with Chef Jason R. Gronlund

Executive Chef Jason R. Gronlund has one of the most demanding jobs in the world. He is not mer..

Interview with Chef Matt Gordon

Matt Gordon and Scott Watkins are the founding partners of Urban Solace Restaurant. The opening..

Interview with Chef Tim Hockett

Chef  Tim Hockett is an expert in Latin American cuisine. His dishes at Nacional 27 represent..

Why We Love Sarma Melngailis?

Pundits and so-called culinary experts would say that being an amazing chef and an exquisite be..

Purple Yam

Our friends Sean (of Sean Reads the News) and Julie invited us out to Filipino brunch. Julie's ..

Interview with Adria Tennor Blotta

Adria Tennor Blotta, a theater actress and a restaurant-owner, understands what it takes to be..

Why We Love Matsuhisa Nobu

Fusion cuisine seems to be all the rage these days, and while we're at it, let's take a look at..

Interview with Chef Fergus Henderson

St. John Bar and Restaurant was opened in 1994 by Chef Fergus Henderson and Trevor Gulliver. As..

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When it comes to discovering love, age doesn't really matter. And no matter what direction you ..

Why We Love Skye Gyngell

Being a seasonal chef isn't a bad idea at all. And if you're Skye Gyngell, it can actually be a..

Manzo at Eataly

If the frigid weather is keeping you from going to Eataly, pull out your ski gear and get your ..

Why We Love Clare Smyth

Well, well, well... If there is anything that is pleasantly surprising then this is it. Given G..

Bar Masa

Anyone who half knows me is surely aware of my love of sushi. I could probably eat sushi for br..

Masaharu Morimoto: The Face of Asian Supremacy

If there is anyone who can break the perception of the inscrutable Oriental, then this guy's th..

Interview with Chef Lisa Tse

Lisa Tse, CEO and head chef of the award winning Sweet Mandarin talks about her culinary work, ..

Interview with Chef Heather Joy Morrison

Conscious convenience has come a long way at Locali. Chef Heather Joy Morrison heads the culina..

Má Pêche

Loving all of David Chang's properties and hearing that he opened a new place closer to my home..

Why We Love Masato Nishihara

Masato Nishihara is one of the most accomplished chefs.  Despite his youthful looks, he is the..

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If there is someone who fits the description of a brilliant artist, Terrance Brennan comes to ..

Why We Love Michael White

If there is one thing that we ought to know about Michael White, it's that he is no Italian nat..

Interview with Thomas Blythe

We recently ran a feature of the Top 100 Restaurants Using Twitter. These restaurants get it. T..

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If we want to talk about someone that combines world-class cooking with fiery personality, the..

Why We Love Justin Bogle

When we talk about creativity and world-class cooking, we can't deny that Justin Bogle lives up..

Mile End Delicatessen

When you think of Montreal, a Jewish delicatessen may not be the first thing you think about. P..

Worst Chefs of America: Lots of Laughs and Gaffs

Well, if you're looking for some funny moments in cooking entertainment, then you don't really ..

Taurus Restaurant

It was a shame that we were fed up with beef by the time we made it to Taurus in Bogota. Taurus..

Interview with Food Blogger Dan Keller

Dan Keller is one of the sweetest people I have met through twitter. He's also a pretty talent..

Interview with Chef Najat Kaanache Amghiraf

Chef Najat Kaanche Amghiraf never expected to become a world renowned chef. Her life was leadin..

Why We Love Alice Waters

Sometimes, it takes a lot of guts and radical thinking to change the way we eat. It's not that ..

Should Restaurant Workers Wear Surgical Masks

My first memories of a surgical mask are of Cobra Commander yelling "Serpentoooooor!". And I st..