Diet and Nutrition

Heart Attack Grill Customer Has Heart Attack While Eating There

Fox 5 Vegas has posted an amateur video showing a man suffering a heart attack while dining at ..

Obama Admin Awards $50K Grant to Potato Chip Co

First lady Michelle Obama has been very active these days promoting good nutrition and healthy ..

US & Big Pharma Push Global Sale of Drug Spiked Pork

Helena Bottemiller, a Washington, DC-based reporter covering food policy and politics, claims r..

Study: Brown Fat Burns More Calories – Who Knew?

In the seemingly endless obsession with the study of weight control -- a fixation exclusive to ..

Methyl Iodide: The Cancer-Causing Chemical Behind Tomatoes and Strawberries

In the Atlantic, Barry Estabrook, author of Tomatoland, a book about industrial tomato agricult..

Russian Nutritionist: McDonald’s Might Get Away With Fraud in US But Not Russia

Both Pravda and Moscow News agencies report the consumer rights watchdog group Consumer Rights ..

The Mayor of Las Vegas Is Living On Food Stamps

According to ABCNews, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman took part in a local food bank's challeng..

Quebec Ban on Fast-Food Ads Effective – But Will Ban Work in US?

According to research by University of Illinois economist Kathy Baylis, an outright ban on junk..

McDonald’s & Weight Watchers Team Up – Rebrand McNuggets, Fillet-O-Fish “Healthy Options”

McDonald's has signed a deal with Weight Watchers to rebrand some of its FRIED meals as "health..

Anthony Bourdain: “The Worst, Most Dangerous Person To America is Paula Deen”

No Reservations host Anthony Bourdain characterizes Paula Deen as "The worst, most dangerous pe..

New York City Launches New Ad Campaign – “Cut Your Portions, Cut Your Risk”

The New York City Health Department has launched a new ad campaign -- at taxpayer expense -- sp..

Shocking CDC Study: Senior Citizens Most Frequent Binge Drinkers

According to a recent CDC report, more than 38 million US adults binge drink about 4 times a mo..

Twitter Responds to Paula Deen’s Diabetes

It's no surprise to anyone that Paula Deen has diabetes. Her cooking style spelled this out for..

Top Ten Most Convincing Reasons To Drink Coffee

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. According to the history of g..

Average American Eats 1 Ton of Food Yearly While 1 Billion Tons Are Wasted Globally

According to tabulated food consumption data collected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, t..

Foods to Eat in 2012: Berries

If you thought I was only going to recommend leafy greens for 2012, you were wrong. There are p..

Foods to Eat in 2012: Watercress

I've become a watercress freak over the past couple of years. It's got great texture, flavor an..

PepsiCo Claims Mountain Dew Will Disintegrate a Mouse Carcass

The Record, a weekly legal journal covering the Madison and St. Clair County Civil Courts in Il..

Foods to Eat in 2012: Kale

I was not familiar with kale until about two years ago. In an effort to stay healthy as an avid..

Once Fat, Most Will Probably Stay Fat

From the Atkins Diet and its restriction of carbohydrates, to the Beverly Hills Diet, and its s..

Foods to Eat in 2012: Broccoli

Moms have been touting the power of broccoli for ages. Ex-president Bush was not a fan. Gisele'..

Two New Studies Suggest Fish May Indeed Be The Ultimate Brain Food

NPR's Rob Stein explores two new studies that suggests fish may be the ultimate brain food. In ..

Denny’s Newest Holiday Monsters

Watch out America, Denny's made plans for Christmas. They've created a menu called "Taste of th..

Public School Soda Ban A Useless Failure

According to a recent study published in The Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, sc..

Food Day 2011

Today is Food day, and this day aims to bring awareness about how we eat, our resources, and ou..

Professor: Rise in UK Obesity Worst Epidemic in 100 Yrs

Lord McColl, a former professor and director of surgery at a London hospital has warned UK offi..

Pregnancy and Safe Drinking

Cravings are normal experiences that expectant moms encounter during pregnancy. For most women,..

Myth or Fact: Junk Food is Cheap

Op-Ed columnist Mark Bittman with the The New York Times dispels the all-too-convenient myth th..

Top Chefs’ Guide to Being Healthy and Staying Thin

Staying thin and healthy is difficult for a regular person. When you are in the food industry i..

Modifying Family Meals Can Control Juvenile Diabetes

When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released the statistics of children (..

ASCAP and BMI: Crime Does Pay

Music is a part of everyone's lives. For some people, it is an expression of oneself. For the p..

Harvard’s Food Pyramid

Here is the new Healthy Eating Plate that was created by Harvard Health Publications along with..

Are There Dangerous Ingredients Missing in Food Labels?

Whole Foods has discontinued selling Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl Margarita after determining ..

Tempting Kids With Flavored Milk

There has been a long debate over the pros and cons of feeding kids with flavored milk. Is it r..

Foods For Your Detox Needs

I've been eager to try one of these juice cleansers that has been rocketing the market in the p..

Celebrities Turned Vegetarians

Hollywood celebrities have always captivated and mesmerized many fans around the world. Known f..

Dieting Makes Brain Cells Eat Themselves

In the past few years, reports have been made on how obesity, smoking and other vices and lifes..

Fresh And Cheap Shopping From Farmer’s Markets

Fresh from the Farmer's Market, shopping is a pleasurable experience especially for those eye..

Tomatoes Can Trigger Arthritis

Food contributes largely to our health. While this is the reality, many people still don't real..

Developing School Children’s Good Eating Habits

Are the days gone when kids don't have pressures and just enjoy their meals wherever they are? ..

Xtreme Eating 2011: We Are What We Eat

Restaurants and fast food chains should not be totally blamed for offering the most appetizing ..

Mediterranean Diet Loses Flavor?

It was famous for being a good healthy diet for decades, and now, looks like the tables have tu..

Menopause Swings

Menopause is more than just mood swings, hot flushes, and the hormones acting up. It's a peri..

ADHD: Attention To Foods

It's normal for kids to play, run around the house, and do various day-to-day activities. But w..

Obesity Is A Big Risk

Obesity is a condition that has consistently bugged health experts and watchers through the yea..

Snack At Midnight For Graveyard Adults

Unlike kids, adults, young, middle-aged and professionals, usually stay up late because of ho..

Obesity Figures On The Loose

In reality, we have our own trending topics that we discuss in our daily lives. One issue that ..

Perk Up Your Body With A Glass of Wine A Day

I am a huge wine aficionado. I've been researching, learning about and of course drinking wine ..

Healthy Is Smart! Kids’ Snack Options

Healthy kids are not by accident. They are nurtured from conception to birth up to their tend..

Junk Foods: Addiction To Missing Proteins

People have a fair addiction to junk foods. We know the stuff that are widely found in these ju..