Fish and Seafood

Summer Recipes: Gail Monaghan’s Pan Roasted Cod with Tomato Caper Salsa

Cookbook author, teacher, and food historian Gail Monaghan is one of Manhattan's culinary jew..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Lymont Stoutingberg’s Broiled Crab Cakes

Lymont Stoutingberg is the Executive Chef at the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City. As of 1991, C..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Robert Tobin’s BBQ Surf N Turf

Chef Robert Tobin of TAMO bar & terrace finds absolute pleasure in cooking outdoors during the ..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Chris Brugler’s Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna with an Avocado Mousse

What do you get when you combine youth, enthusiasm, and training under Chefs such as Paul Bocu..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Herve Malivert’s Greenmarket Salad with Lobster

Chef Herve Malivert's motto is "Make food, not war!". We completely agree with his message. Che..

Roka Akor Chicago Summer Mojito Recipe

Roka Akor was recently voted as "Top 10 Sushi Spots in the United States"by Bon Appetit and Tra..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier’ Classic Lobster Rolls

What does a lobster roll made by two James Beard Award winning chefs taste like? It tastes like..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Chef Sal Scognamillo’s Low Fat Baked Calamari Salad

Summer is here; that means swimsuits, shorts and summer dresses. That does not mean we have to ..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Ralpheal Abrahante’s Trio Tartare

Chef Ralpheal Abrahante celebrates authentic Greek cooking at Thalassa with an emphasis on c..

Super Easy Thai Inspired Mussels

You have an obsession with mussels, I know you do because you opened up this piece. I do too. T..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Jennifer Cole-Ruiz’s Fried Green Tomatoes with Crab Remoulade

Chef Jennifer-Cole Ruiz made her way into our hearts through our bellies with her amazing devil..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Alan Ashkinaze’s Mackerel Escabèche

When Millesime first opened in New York City, I was hyped. I could not wait to go. Once I went ..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Alex Tishman’s Klamath River Wild Salmon with Summer Vegetable Ratatouille

Alex Tishman strives to bring healthy, delicious dishes into people's homes. Chef Tishman gradu..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Fernando Navas’ Eel and Avocado Quinoa Hand Roll

Sushi Samba has managed to outlast its trendy reputation and become a New York City institution..

Hanneke Eerden’s Pasta with Smoked Salmon

This is a guest post from the fabulous Hanneke Eerden. She is the brains (and beauty) behind Th..

Hanneke Eerden’s Crawfish Salad

Hanneke Eerden is our guest blogger this week. She is the brains (and beauty) behind The Dutche..

Chinese New Year: The Year of the Dragon

Christmas and Hanukkah have past, but there is still another reason to rejoice. 2012 is the Y..

Feast of the Seven Fishes

Christmas is a big holiday for the Italian community. One of my favorite Italian Christmas cele..

California Bans Shark Fin Sales

Last week, the California Senate passed the California Shark Protection Act (AB 376) introduced..

Interview with Food Blogger Mollee Sullivan

If you got a broken stomach, make a positive thing out of it, keep your composure and blog ab..

Are Sea Lions The Fittest Survivors?

We live in a world were men take responsibility for taking care and preserving our natural reso..

Interview with Charlie Arturaola About the Film “El Camino del Vino”

Charlie Arturaola Shares his Life and Wine Lessons through "El Camino del Vino" Aroma and pala..

Interview with Omnieater

I eat therefore I am. This is how she describes her passion for food. She's a foodie who like..

Interview with Wine Maker Ximena Pacheco

        Winery: Vina Casablanca Region: Casablanca Variet..

Interview with Food Blogger Margaret Doughney

Margaret Doughney is the brain and soul behind the blog Savory Sweet Living. If you love ..

Interview with Ines Oro from Faustino Winery

This was our first video interview. Thought you would enjoy it. These wines are stupendous. If ..

Interview with Chef Ayinde Howell

Long time vegan Chef Ayinde Howell recently reached his KickStarter goal to open up a pop up ve..

Interview with Chef Joshua T. Sacapaño Boutwood

Chef Joshua Sacapaño Boutwood is putting Boracay Island on the culinary map. From my recent ..

Interview with Chef Missy Robbins

I am quickly becoming a regular at A Voce at the Time Warner Center. I go to there for the amaz..

Interview with John Lynch – Kickstarter

A little on me. I am a classically trained chef that fell in love with the idea of slow food. T..

Interview with Chef Andre R. Malarky

Andre R. Malarky is the Head Chef and General Manager at Dos Mestizos in Boracay (a gorgeous is..

Interview with Food Blogger Alfonso Jose Tupaz

Alfonso Jose Tupaz writes the blog Experiments in Food (+ Travel). This is no surprise. If you..

Interview with Food Blogger Hanneke Eerden

The best thing about Twitter is that I have made some amazing foodie friends. Some who I have n..

Interview with Kyle Bilowitz

Twitter is one of the most ubiquitous communication tools used in the internet today. It i..

Interview with Logan Lenz

Logan Lenz is a serial entrepreneur in the music and web industries. His first company, Enda..

Interview with Chef Michelle Garcia

  Doing something you love is one of the most important things to consider when it comes ..

Interview with Michelle Garcia

"Twitter is a great tool to get on the same wave length as your customers. No one is above an..

Interview with Jan Colson

  Jan Colson is the Marketing Director for Pizzeria Venti systems. Jan has been with the..

Interview with Nicola Longo

After TidBit Bistro made our list of the top 100 restaurants on Twitter, we figured it would ..

Interview with Chef Jason Gancedo

Chef Jason Gancedo is responsible for the Downtown Los Angeles carnivore paradise known as Col..

Interview with Chef Don Dickman

Chef Don Dickman is the master of the kitchen at Barbrix Wine Bar where he specializes in smal..

Interview with Chef Ray Vasquez

Chef Ray Vasquez is the Executive Chef at Pop Champagne and Dessert Bar. Chef Vasquez is the pe..

Interview with Dane Low

Cactus Club Cafe is one of Canada's best known casual dining restaurants. It is constantly awa..

Interview with Steve Green

Steve's Deli in Chicago is beloved for it's corned beef sandwiches, creamed herring and sable f..

Interview with Chef Jason R. Gronlund

Executive Chef Jason R. Gronlund has one of the most demanding jobs in the world. He is not mer..

Interview with Chef Matt Gordon

Matt Gordon and Scott Watkins are the founding partners of Urban Solace Restaurant. The opening..

Interview with Melissa Rosen

  Those of us that are not located in the Los Angeles area may not be familiar with Local..

Interview with Chef Tim Hockett

Chef  Tim Hockett is an expert in Latin American cuisine. His dishes at Nacional 27 represent..

Interview with Liz Samples

  Nacional 27 is one of Chicago's most popular restaurants. It is admired by many for its..

Interview with Adria Tennor Blotta

Adria Tennor Blotta, a theater actress and a restaurant-owner, understands what it takes to be..