The Marlboro Man Is Dead in Texas

When I think of the Marlboro Man, that rugged cowboy with a cigarette angled in his mouth,  I ..

Top Ingredients to Increase your Brain Development

It's All in Your Head "I don't need to study, Mom!  I'll just take my brain pills and be all ..

Calorie Shock â” â”Read ‘em Before You Eat ‘emâ”

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"] New York City's Board of Health makes posting cal..

The Obesity Awards

Welcome to the Annual Obesity Awards!  CalorieLab, Inc. conducts an analysis of obesity rates ..

Food, Sexy Food, Food that Puts You in the Mood!

All dedicated and passionate foodies should be especially mindful of what they put into their m..

FriendsEAT Releases New Profile Page

We are glad to announce for this Valentine's Day a special surprise for our members, the  rele..

New waves of Peanuts Related Terrorism

Well, the anti-peanut coalition is at it again. This time their insidious plans stretch into th..

Jeremy Piven’s Mercury Posioning aka “Sushigate”

Jeremy Piven annouced in December he would be leaving David Memet's Broadway production of "Sp..

Ask a Foodie

Ever have a food question on your mind but can't find the exact answer?   Well this week ..

Testing new Google Search on FriendsEAT

  We are running a couple week test on using Google Custom Search on FriendsEAT. &nbs..