Sangria for Memorial Day

Not sure what the weather is like by you, but in NYC it is gloomy. That means no grilling, no b..

Summer Ice Cream

Summer days are coming up, and what better way to enjoy that than to indulge on ice cream. Yes,..

Zuckerberg Only Eats What He Kills

              It sounds strange, coming from a man ..

Study: One Third of All The World’s Food is Wasted

According to a United Nations funded study conducted by the Swedish Institute for Food and Biot..

Memorial Day Grilling Tips

When it comes to Memorial Day, what better way to celebrate it than grilling some meat outside,..

The Making of Tea Eggs

It may be early for Chinese New Year, but here is an egg recipe that would surely be a hit anyt..

Royal Family is Preparing Royal Wines

Good news: English wines are getting a royal boost. The English Royal family plans to plant 16..

Memorial Day Sausages

With Memorial Day coming up, cooking outs are definitely the prime activity. Grilling meat is c..

Why You Always Pick the Wrong Line at the Supermarket

It always feels like whenever you are at the supermarket (or waiting on line at the DMV, or in ..

What You Don’t Know About Meat Glue May Hurt You

The Australian current affairs program, TodayTonight, released a special report in March on mea..

Pinkish Pork Will Not Hurt

It seems like the days of well-done pork is finally over. And it is about time it happens. Th..

What Do Models Eat?

As a little girl, I often dreamed of becoming a model (and a marine biologist, and a lawyer, an..

Eating Down the Road

It can be tough these days. That is why some people are holding back on eating out. But that do..

One of World’s Largest Aquifers Running Dry

The Ogallala Aquifer is one of the largest aquifers in the world, spanning almost 200,000 squar..

Sustainable Seafood Choices

There are some things that you can do for sustainable seafood eating. Seafood is one of the mo..

A Perfect Asparagus Frittata

I bought a bunch of asparagus at the farmers market the other day...I've been eating dishes wit..

Cuba’s Culinary Scene Gets a Revival

Things seem to be looking up in the Cuban culinary front. After years of repressive rule, rest..

Coffee Lowers Prostate Cancer

Coffee drinkers all over the world have one more reason to enjoy more than one cup of joe: coff..

Modernist Cuisine

A breakthrough in culinary arts, Modernist Cuisine is a new concept that will definitely captiv..

A Lunch Box for Green Kids

Packing lunches for kids cannot get this environment-friendly. Parents certainly want to give ..

Amazing Grocery iPhone Apps

A word of advice: if you want to improve your life; buying an expensive smart phone could be th..

Does Sugar Affect Athletes Different Than Couch Potatoes?

In a recent New York Times piece, Gretchen Reynolds examines the impact sweeteners like fructo..

Airline Dining Goes to the Streets

Talk about the food truck trend taking over, even airlines are getting into the mix. In order ..

McDonald’s Replacing Cashiers With Touch-Screen Terminals

Even the last refuge for the wearily unemployed -- a part-time minimum wage job flipping burger..

Why The Vast Price Difference for the Same Bottle of Quality Wine?

Have you ever wondered what factors contribute to the vast discrepancy in price for the same bo..

The Power of the Catalinas

When it comes to coupons, Catalinas will reign at the top. Catalinas are known as dollars-off o..

Will Robots be the Next Waiters?

We may just know them as servers in university halls or in some kitchen chopping veggies, but..

Shocking Numbers of Sick Fish in Gulf of Mexico

According to Kimberly Blair with the Pensacola News Journal, scientists are deeply concerned by..

Cooking Safely with Kids

Cooking is a social event. And it is also a good time to teach kids the joys of cooking. Of cou..

Sweet, Sweet Chocolate Chips

Tiny, tasty, and sweet bits of chocolates. You can have them as toppings, melted for your hot..

Will The â”Realâ”Swiss Cheese Stand Up?

I suppose the omnivores among us would enjoy a generous slice of authentic Swiss cheese on our ..

Home-made Baby Foods

Babies are very delicate eaters, so we need to be careful with what we give them. Although we a..

The Basics in Drying Herbs

Preserving herbs is one of the basic in cooking. Evert foodie worth their salt should have a go..

Wedding Favors for Foodies

If there is one celebration that one ought never take for granted, then it has got to be a wedd..

Impeccable Taste Bud Treat: Basque Cuisine

Nestled in the Northern Coast of Spain, the Basque Province is known to be one of the world's..

A Taste of Gluten-Free Beers

For a gluten-intolerant foodie, being unable to drink beer is one of the biggest miseries in li..

Food Ads for Kids Getting New Limits

This is definitely good news for healthy-eating advocates, and probably bad news for the PR fir..

Reshaping The Future of Culinary Arts

Health remains a major concern across the globe. Ecological degradation has a big impact on t..

CA Lawmakers Vow to Expose FrankenSalmon With Label

Despite poll after poll reflecting strong public opposition, the Food and Drug Administration p..

Foodie Photography Tips

One of the most important aspects of food blogging is food photography. After all, how can p..

The Tipping Question

For all foodies out there that order take-outs, this is a question that they ought to answer: A..

Getting The Best with Coupons

You have probably experienced this once in a while. You go to the grocery or supermarket, buy a..

Beef Soups Across the World

Piping-hot, savory, and delicious. These are just some of the things you can describe when eati..

Getting to the Crust of Baking

It could be a simple pleasure for some people, or a complete disaster in the making for others...

FEDS Treat Raw Milk as Crack – Raid Amish Farm

The FDA has conducted a yearlong sting operation on an Amish farm in Pennsylvania to prevent th..

Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo has become quite a celebrated holiday in the United States. We'd like to celebr..

Asparagus Wine, Who Knew?

Kellie Fox, along with her husband Todd, own the Fox Barn Market & Winery in west Michigan. The..

Eggcellent Egg Entrees

Eggs have always been a favorite of mine. I think they should be included into every meal and e..

Certified Humane: What is it?

The next time you buy meat at the grocery, you might want to check if that steak is stamped cer..

It’s All in the Eggs

Question: what is considered to be the complete, and simplest, food? The answer is eggs. It is..