Recipe of the Day: Chile Rellenos

As a famous spicy fruit, chiles are perfect ingredients to add another flavor note to your dish..

Organic Local Food Movement Expands in China

Trends forecaster Gerald Celente predicts that in 2011, one of the biggest entrepreneurial oppo..

Smoothies Go Green

Smoothies come in different bright colors but these shakes have taken the green tint to the nex..

An Introduction to Macaroni and Cheese

You could see it everywhere: on grocery shelves, on dinner tables, beside that tray in the cafe..

Recipe of the Day: Caramel Dark Chocolate Truffles with Fleur de Sel

In this sumptuous and lavish dessert, we highlight the seduction of chocolate.  With its deep ..

Garlic Chicken Macaroni and Cheese: A Filling Home-Style Dish

Garlic chicken, anyone? If I'm not mistaken, almost all of you would be reaching for this tast..

Curried Macaroni and Cheese: A Twist to the Usual

Come on, who doesn't love the flavor and creaminess of macaroni and cheese? I'm pretty much a f..

Recipe of the Day: Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings

Here is another alternative to give another spin to the lowly chicken wing.  Add some Jamaican..

Top Wines for Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl food is usually paired with beer, but wine lovers should not let this event dictate ..

Recipe of the Day: Five Spice Wings

As the anticipation for Superbowl Sunday grows, so does the need to plan that fantastic Superbo..

Starbucks goes mobile — on your smartphone, at least

Starbucks has finally joined the mobile app bandwagon and is launching its Starbucks Card on yo..

Recipe of the Day: Thai Chicken Wings

Any Superbowl feast is not complete without the usual serving of chicken wings.  Chicken wings..

Superbowl Appetizer: Yucca Fries

Yes, fries do not have to be the usual French variety, and can be in fact enjoyed by using othe..

Tips and Recipes for a Fabulous Superbowl Party

Let's face it; come Superbowl night, you want to be in the hottest gathering and right in-front..

Recipe of the Day: Easy Coconut Chicken Wings

Add more flavor and adventure to your regular chicken wings by introducing an exotic twist.  T..

Recipe of the Day: Buffalo Wings

24 Chicken wings, tips cut off ½ cup unsalted butter 1 cup tomato sauce ½ tsp. cayenne pep..

Spicy Macaroni and Cheese: Real Tasty Cooking

I'm sure you're thinking of what kind of tasty dish would be in order. Well, why don't you try ..

Recipe of the Day: Pumpkin Lasagna

There is spaghetti squash, which is actually a type of squash that looks  like spaghetti noodl..

10 Reasons Why Restaurant Websites Suck

Heads up, restaurateurs.  You may have the most innovative restaurant concept at the moment bu..

How to Waste Less Food

Just how much food an average American wastes per day?  Let's put it at half a pound.  Howeve..

Recipe of the Day: Butternut Squash and Cannellini Soup with Bacon

Butternut squash makes a perfect squash soup, but you can add more heartiness by adding beans...

Recipe of the Day: Spaghetti Squash with Walnut Pesto

Yes and No: yes, spaghetti squash look like spaghetti noodles but they are made of squash, and ..

Champagne Tips: Keeping an Unfinished Bottle Alive

Although it is unlikely for some to leave a bubble of unfinished champagne in a bottle, there a..

Acorn Squash with Apple Stuffing

As a winter vegetable, acorn squash is a good source of carotene, fiber, vitamins A and C.  Al..

Macrobiotic Recipe: Brown Rice & Mushroom Risotto

Being one with nature can be a very relaxing experience. And it can be an exercise to enlighten..

The HCG Diet

Dieting can be a very difficult endeavor " especially for people who are trying to lose weight...

An Introduction to the Macrobiotic Diet

Being one with the environment is said to be the first step in attaining enlightenment. It's es..

Recipe of the Day: Butternut Squash Soup

Winter's not over yet, and this winter squash is packed with vitamins and nutrients that makes ..

Glycemic Index-Friendly Diet: Pasta with Tomato and Bacon Sauce

Here is a recipe with a low glycemic index by high in taste.  For those who want to get rid of..

Reducing the Risk of Type-2 Diabetes Through Diet

Type 2 Diabetes is a metabolic disease wherein the patient experiences insulin resistance and h..

HCG Diet: Lively Citrus Basil Chicken

Losing weight is perhaps one of biggest challenges that a person might encounter. After all, it..

Making Delicious Diabetic-Friendly Breakfasts

Many people believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Normally, breakfast..

Glycemic Index-Friendly Recipe: Grilled Salmon with Dill and Olive Sauce

People with health concerns such as diabetes and coronary diseases have to be aware of their GI..

Dessert for Diabetics: Chocolate Supreme Pie

It is a misconception that diabetics cannot eat anything sweet.  Diabetes patients should neve..

Buffalo Wings for Type 2 Diabetics

In life, we really have to accept the fact that some things can really mess up with our bodies...

Diabetes 2 Diet

It's considered as a silent killer. It knows no victim. It can attack men, women, and even chil..

Avocado and Cucumber Soup: A Simple Recipe for Diverticulosis

Your health is pretty important. You should know how to take care of it. Now, there are cases i..

Entering a Culinary Arts Program

Chefs are no longer confined to the kitchen these days.  With the rise of celebrity chefs and ..

What You Need to Know About Cholesterol

There are some negative connotations about cholesterol which needs to be corrected.  Cholester..

Simple Vegan Roast Recipe

Sometimes, a little less could actually be a lot more for us. Let's face it; we all eat too muc..

Recipe of the Day – Baked Pork Chops with Veggies and Creamy Sauce

Baking is a healthier alternative from frying, and even the beloved pork chop can be revolution..

Low Calorie Recipe: Caldo de Res (Mexican Beef Soup)

We're looking for some tasty meals to start the year, right? Well, I've got something for you. ..

10 Healthy and Kid-Friendly Recipes

It is said that kids are picky eaters and nothing could be more right.  When it comes healthy,..

Recipe of the Day – Homemade Orange Wine

Making wine at home seems to be a daunting task, but all it needs is patience as you will have ..

Ways to Save on Home Meals

If you've been finding yourself short of change lately and don't know where your next meal is c..

Simple Lentil Roast

It's a few hours before we greet the New Year. I've got a dish to recommend that I'm sure would..

Champagne Cocktails for the New Year

Every celebration calls for a lovely bottle of champagne, but if you want to add sass to the fi..

How to Throw A Perfect New Year’s Bash

I'm sure that the holiday rush is upon you now. And I don't really blame you for that. After al..

Vegetarian Rice Roast

We may be eating too much of a good thing. Meat is good, but only in moderation? After all, stu..

Great New Year’s Eve Brunch Ideas

New Year's just around the corner, and you can definitely feel the festivities in the air. Now,..