Top 25 Recipes of 2010

25. Scallop and Shrimp Risotto Recipe: What could be more luxurious than scallop and shrimp r..

Why We Love Jean Georges

Nouvelle cuisine is pretty much the norm these days in upscale restaurants around the world; Fr..

Cottage Cheese Loaf (Vegetarian Meatloaf)

As the holidays come around, I'm sure that you have a couple of dishes planned for the last day..

Chicken Shish Kebab: A Healthy Alternative

I think we can all agree that shish kebabs make for delicious meals. With the Holiday coming ri..

How to Prevent a Hangover

New Years is almost here. I'm sure you're more than excited to attend a party or two. Hey, I do..

Vegetarian Roast

I know that the holidays are almost over, but that doesn't stop you from enjoying a nice, healt..

Beef Shish Kebab Delights

Frankly, I believe that the shish kebab should also have a wider audience. This is because ther..

Hot Chocolate for Christmas Morning

What can be a better way to enjoy watching the little ones tear open presents and destroy the l..

Food blog Digest – As Christmas is Near

Food blogs are heating up their posts as the Big Day is just two days away!  Fill up with idea..

Recipe of the Day: Plum Pudding

The English origins of the plum pudding are actually related to the origins of mince pies.  Pl..

In Love with Shish Kebab

With the holidays coming up, it is only natural that there would be gatherings and other partie..

Celebrating Christmas: Germany

Like many European countries, Christmas in Germany marks the days in anticipation for St. Nicho..

Recipe of the Day – Christollen

A stollen is a traditional German cake shaped like a loaf.  Initially, a Stollen was a simple ..

Food Blog Digest – Warming Up

Christmas is barely four days away, and we cannot help but go wide-eyed as we searched for the ..

Recipe of the Day – Borscht

Recipe of the Day " Borscht A borscht is a Ukrainian soup that stars the beetroot as a main ing..

To Eat or Not To Eat (Insects)

I can't help it you find that thought revolting. After all, who would in his right mind to all ..

Cocktails for the New Year

New Year's is right around the corner, and I'm sure you've got your party planned out. You've g..

Recipe of the Day: Natillas

Natillas is a Spanish custard dish made of milk and eggs.  Despite its Spanish roots, natillas..

Interview with Organic Gardener Duane Marcus

Duane Marcus is more than just an organic farmer, he and his wife Robin are avid permaculturis..

Fun with Kiffles

When it comes to good pastries, kiffles is among those who can stand on its own. And why not? I..

Chicken Soup

Getting colds isn't a funny affair. Stuffy nose, headache, lack of taste, these are some of the..

Celebrating Christmas: France

Interestingly, the Christmas tree was never popular in France.  The French instead light a yul..

Recipe of the Day – Christmas Goose

Poultry is always a favorite main dish for any celebration.  But to those who do not go the wa..

Recipe of the Day – Lechon

Lechon is the famous roasted pork from the Philippines.  A perfectly good lechon has a crispy,..

Pork and Apple Stew

Autumn may be over, but that doesn't mean that we have to say good-bye to some comfort food tha..

Recipe of the Day – Risalamande

Christmas in Denmark is not complete without a helping of the delicious traditional dessert cal..

Celebrating Christmas: Denmark

Christmas day in Denmark is usually a winter wonderland warmed with great company, food, lights..


I got an email a few days ago from the Western Pistachio Association asking if we'd like some ..

Recipe of the Day – Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread generally refers to soft cakes that are flavored with ginger and sweetened with hon..

BluePrint Cleanse: Is This The Ultimate Fat Burner?

We've all been hearing the buzz. People are saying that this is it. This is the solution to the..

A Foodie Tribute to Reddit

The social news website Reddit, is owned by Conde Nast Digital, a subsidiary of Advance Magazin..

Forget an Apple a Dayâ.. Tooth Decay’s at Bay

For all those troubled by plaque and tooth decay, worry no more. We've now gotten a new chance ..

Interview with Chef Didier Lailheugue

Chef  Didier Lailheugue is one of France's great gifts to the US. He is currently the execut..

Recipe of the Day – Eggnog

An eggnog is a winter favorite.  This good beverage of dairy goodness comes in the very basic ..

Recipe of the Day – The Perfect Croissant

Everyone knows the distinct shape and buttery flavor of the perfect croissant, but everyone kno..

Recipe of the Day – Babka

During the holidays, traditional recipes tend to be pulled out from secret drawers and the kitc..

Hanukkah Cookie: Raspberry and Apricot Rugelach

Although Hanukkah is associated with fried and greasy food, this is also the season of sweet pa..

Recipe of the Day – Souffle

Even the most experienced cooks and chefs have some hesitation making a souffle.  This light a..

Winter Vegetables: The Perfect Health Treats

Winter sure brings cold memories back to me. The dark, snowy nights; brilliant blue skies over ..

Can Starbucks Really Go Green?

That's a question that perhaps a lot of us are finding hard to answer. After all, this giant of..

The Heat on Hot Chocolate

The cocoa bean is the heart of chocolate.  The history of chocolate, in that case, roots from ..

The Benefits of Black Garlic

Black garlic? The first time I heard it, the first thing that entered my mind was that: isn't t..

Is it the end for the bluefin tuna?

Apparently, the fate of wildlife is in the hands of negotiations. The Atlantic bluefin tuna, o..

Recipe of the Day – Sufganiyot

A sufganiyah is a jelly-filled doughnut widely cooked in Israel and Jewish families.    The ..

What and how to eat to stay thin this winter

You would rather stay in and curl up during these cold winter months, but the best part about w..

Chimichurri: The Taste of Home-Style Goodness

For those of you who haven't heard of this yet, chimichurri is a sauce that helps you get to gr..

Recipe of the Day – Latkes

Potato pancakes have strong European origins; but latkes (which are similar in make and ingredi..

Recipe of the Day – Leftover Turkey Potpie

Turkey Pot Pie solves quite a number of problems as you put together a good post-Thanksgiving l..

Diet for People with Seizures

Seizures are quite uncomfortable and dangerous for people with epilepsy. My uncle suffers from ..

Delicious Recipes for After-Thanksgiving Turkey

I'm sure most of us had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving celebration yesterday. After all, it's no..