Hanneke Eerden’s Smoked Duck and Mushroom Salad

This is a guest post from the fabulous Hanneke Eerden. She is the brains (and beauty) behind Th..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Jim Botsacos’ Fusilli Al Pomodoro Crudo

Jim Bostacos hails from New York, and has Greek-Italian roots. This combination is the perfect ..

Hanneke Eerden’s Vitello Tonnato

This is a guest post from the fabulous Hanneke Eerden. She is the brains (and beauty) behind Th..

Cooking in Everyday English

Todd English has become one of the world's most notable chefs. I recently had the opportunity t..

The Boathouse’s Lemonade Cocktail

The Central Park Boathouse will be serving up their signature fresh squeezed Lemonade Cocktail ..

LiquiGlide Solves First World Ketchup Problems

Thanks to an invention by MIT doctoral candidate Dave Smith and his team of mechanical engineer..

Is Your Server Selling Enough Wine?

Joe Ray, a food and travel writer with Wired claims some of the nation's top eateries are quiet..

Kentucky Derby Cocktail by Gail Simmons

I love the holidays. It's the time when lots of yummy recipes come into my inbox for sharing. T..

What Does Marijuana Wine Taste Like?

Michael Steinberger is an author and for nearly ten years was a wine columnist at Slate. St..

Super Quick and Super Easy Turkey Scallopini For Two

I have never liked scallopini. It's seriously too acidic for me. Antonio loves it, so I make it..

Less of a Wine Novice, Thanks to FDU’s Wine Online Course

There I was, standing in front of a wine display at a liquor store, wondering which of the whit..

Bring Out Your Grills

This is a guest post by Ivan Pavlov, the mind responsible for Pavlov's Blog. Pavlov was raised..

How A Vegetarian Mom Coped With Her Meat Eating Kids

Nettie Cronish, co-author of the cookbook Everyday Flexitarian: Recipes for Vegetarians & Meat ..

Short Rib Recipe

Click the image for the even bigger full-size version Embed this image on your site! Via: R..

Tim Ferriss Hyper-Decants Wine

If you are not familiar with Tim Ferriss, you should be. He is the Author of the 4 Hour Work We..

Oreo Cookie Celebrates 100th Birthday

On March 6th, Oreo cookies turned 100 years old, and are now sold in more than 100 countries ar..

Wall Street Execs Scam Thousands in Free Food & Beer

Slick Wall Street players have found yet another way to game the system -- only this time inste..

St Patrick’s Cocktail Recipes

Renaissance Hotels all over the U.S. have started a great cocktail program to celebrate St. Pa..

Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe

I adore mayonnaise. I hardly ever eat it because of its health (and waistline) implications. Wh..

Chef Claude Godard’s Crepe Mamie Jeanne Recipe

Recipe on the bottom. I had the honor of meeting Chef Claude Godard recently. Outside of being..

Spice Market’s All Natural Sodas Make at home!

I am not a soda drinker. I used to be. I stopped drinking soda for various reasons including th..

2011 Pastry Chef of the Year Alex Hwang Valentine’s Day Treats

If you're like me, you've decided to stay home on Valentine's day. I think it makes for a perfe..

Chinese New Year: The Year of the Dragon

Christmas and Hanukkah have past, but there is still another reason to rejoice. 2012 is the Y..

Knife Safety and Tips

This may seem like common sense stuff to most people, but for newbies getting in the kitchen, t..

Quick Tip: Deep Frying Oil

There are lots of different choices you can make in oils. If you are deep frying, you need to s..

Foods to Eat in 2012: Berries

If you thought I was only going to recommend leafy greens for 2012, you were wrong. There are p..

The Chuckwagon Blueberry Dump-Cobbler

This is a guest post by Roger Edison, the mastermind behind the Cowboys and Chuckwagon blog wh..

Scotch Egg Recipe

After becoming addicted to the scotch eggs at Sweet Revenge, I knew I had to learn to make them..

Hair of the Dog: Coffee

Many of us will start the New Year with a hangover. You could try one of our tips on preventing..

More Champagne Cocktails

Each year we come up with a list of Champagne cocktails for you to try in the new year. This ..

Mulled Cider Recipe

Mulled Cider is a holiday classic. No home should be without a batch of this on Christmas morni..

Roux: A Love Affair

As an immigrant from Colombia, when I came to the US in 1987, I was amazed by food in boxes and..

Other Edible Eggs

In the states, when one says the word "egg" one thinks of chicken eggs. But if you're bored of ..

Understanding “Sell By” Dates

In a comprehensive piece published in Slate, Nadia Arumugam, a New York City-based food writer,..

Tips for The Perfect Turkey for Thanksgiving

Working on a beautiful Thanksgiving turkey can be quite tricky even for experts in the kitchen...

FriendsEAT Launches Business

We're looking for Local Businesses who are interested in claiming their business to give us ..

Eggs Sous Vide

Most of you already know that I am completely in love with my Sous Vide Supreme. My love for th..

Fun Food Events for Kids in NYC – Winter 2011

One thing that pleases me immensely is seeing my friends children growing up to be full on food..

Cooking Secrets Made Healthy

In making dishes, it is no longer just about how the food tastes or how it is presented. I thin..

Modifying Family Meals Can Control Juvenile Diabetes

When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released the statistics of children (..

Healthy School Lunch With Creative Twists

Buying lunch from school may be a practical idea, but I say not for me. I used to do it when I ..

Tempting Kids With Flavored Milk

There has been a long debate over the pros and cons of feeding kids with flavored milk. Is it r..

8 Tips On Getting Into Cooking School

It's not surprising to see the rise of many cooking schools in the recent years. The growing po..

Homo Erectus Sparked the Cooking Era

Cooking is one of the core chores for mankind to survive. It has been and will always be a part..

Foodies Dragged Out Of the Kitchen

The term, foodie became a remarkable name for someone who has a splendid love for food, and som..

Cheesy Guide To Cheeses

One of the foods that amaze me is cheese. There's something in it that is irresistible to me es..

Bicycle Wine Racks

During its early years, bicycles were made for wandering around the city as an exercise or plai..

Cookware Is The Seasoned Kitchen Mate

Homemakers who consider cookware as kitchen appeal enhancers most often do not have use for s..

Grilling With Big Green Eggs

Save some money and help preserve mother nature by doing your usual grilling stuff on these hug..

Leftover Wine Isn’t A-Throw-Away Thing

Wines are supposed to be consumed once opened. The spirit, as many wine connoisseurs and lovers..