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We've been through storms before in New York, but nothing like Sandy (at least not in my lifeti..

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If you got a broken stomach, make a positive thing out of it, keep your composure and blog ab..

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        Winery: Vina Casablanca Region: Casablanca Variet..

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This was our first video interview. Thought you would enjoy it. These wines are stupendous. If ..

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Long time vegan Chef Ayinde Howell recently reached his KickStarter goal to open up a pop up ve..

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Chef Joshua Sacapaño Boutwood is putting Boracay Island on the culinary map. From my recent ..

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I am quickly becoming a regular at A Voce at the Time Warner Center. I go to there for the amaz..

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A little on me. I am a classically trained chef that fell in love with the idea of slow food. T..

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The best thing about Twitter is that I have made some amazing foodie friends. Some who I have n..

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Twitter is one of the most ubiquitous communication tools used in the internet today. It i..

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Logan Lenz is a serial entrepreneur in the music and web industries. His first company, Enda..

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  Doing something you love is one of the most important things to consider when it comes ..

Interview with Michelle Garcia

"Twitter is a great tool to get on the same wave length as your customers. No one is above an..