Two Great Wine Events in NY This Week

My friends over at Terlato wines told me about these two events, and I think they're definitely..

Tiny Takumi Tacos at Smorgasburg

After hearing all the hype, Antonio and I decided to make the subway ride to Smorgasburg. Of co..

Interview with John Jordan of Jordan Winery

People who love wine usually know the Jordan name. This is not merely a feat of advertising and..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Jim Botsacos’ Fusilli Al Pomodoro Crudo

Jim Bostacos hails from New York, and has Greek-Italian roots. This combination is the perfect ..

Why Restaurant Week Sucks

Restaurant week started off as a great idea. It was a way to drum up business during the slowes..

Sammy’s Noodle Shop, Not as Good as It Used to Be

It had been a while since I had visited Sammy's Noodle Shop & Grill. Antonio and I were in the ..

Naha Restaurant Chicago

You know when you have those life changing meals? Naha was one of them. Chef Claude Godard, ..

Grab a Great Meal and Some Vitamin D NYC

Summer heat is on full blast. Girls in short dresses, guys ballin' on the courts, and me dining..

NYC Bastille Day Celebrations 2012

If you thought it ended at a $18 bucks for a killer French Meal to celebrate Bastille day, you..

New York Restaurant Week Summer 2012

Just as French Restaurant Week comes to an end, NYC Restaurant Week comes in full swing. Starti..

Secret Marijuana Bakery Raided by Cops

The Farmer's Daughter restaurant and bakery in Sacramento, California, serves sandwiches and so..

French Restaurant Week 2012

Love deals? Love French Food? You're in luck. A consortium of French restaurants in NYC has cr..

Sick Count Rises To Nearly 400 From Salmonella Tuna Outbreak

The initial April CDC report of 100 people being sickened by an outbreak of two rare strains of..

Todd English’s: A Cult of Personality and a Blue Oyster Cult

The latest enterprise from Todd English is the oyster farm he recently purchased in Westport, C..

Silver Spoon? Nah, It’s Sapphire Bejeweled Steak Knives for Me!

"It cut like a knife but glitters like the best girl," wrote Gavin Rossdale, in a diary type no..

A Swimming Pool, Great Food, And A View in NYC

Imagine yourself sipping on a gorgeous rose while sitting by the pool and looking at the Empire..

Mayor Bloomberg’s Hypocrisy Reaches New Heights

In what has to be the most brazen act of supreme hypocrisy, NY City Mayor Michael Bloomberg att..

Review The Orchard House LES

The Lower East Side has undergone a drastic change the past few years. It was a working class i..

2,500 Cases of Dole Salad Recalled Due to Listeria

According to the FDA, Dole Fresh Vegetables is voluntarily recalling 2,598 cases of bagged sala..

The Boathouse’s Lemonade Cocktail

The Central Park Boathouse will be serving up their signature fresh squeezed Lemonade Cocktail ..

A Matter of Taste: Serving Up Paul Liebrandt

If you've ever thought of opening up a restaurant, or getting a culinary education at CIA, this..

Cambridge, MA Considers Soda Ban in Restaurants

Henrietta Davis, the mayor of Cambridge, Massachusetts, is contemplating a ban on soda and suga..

Todd English Cooking Demo at Ca Va

We all know that Todd English is quite a good looking fellow. We knew he could develop a great ..

NYC Soda Ban May Widen to Popcorn and Milk

Virtually everyone knows by now of a proposed soft drink ban by New York City's Mayor Bloomberg..

Firebird, The Most Pleasant Surprise of the Year

When I think of NYC's "Restaurant Row", I think of crappy restaurants serving sub par food to t..

Review Mole UES

You know you're doing something right when you have 4 successful restaurants in New York. This ..

Philly Takes a Bite Out of Food Deserts

A USDA study found that 2.3 million households do not have access to a car and live more than a..

New York Soda Ban Loophole

Officials with 7-Eleven stores across New York city made it clear that Bloomberg's New York cit..

Where To Take Dad This Father’s Day in NYC and NOT Break the Bank

Let's face it. You've been a bad kid. You've been busy working 40+ hours a week, trying to pay ..

WT? IHOP Opening on Carmine Street

What is the world coming to? IHOP is opening up on one of my favorite streets in Manhattan. Thi..

LA Bans Plastic Bags at Supermarkets

Last month, Los Angeles became the largest city in the nation to ban plastic bags at supermarke..

Grenades Will Look Better with Pauly D’s Remix

Jersey Shore reality TV star Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio has announced his own line of pre-mix..

$1 Oysters in NYC

You've got a date, but you're flat broke. There's no need to panic. (Click "Next" to see $1 Oy..

Bloomberg to Outlaw Large Soft Drinks

New York's food fascist Mayor is making the headlines once again. In 2010, Bloomberg demanded f..

Zutto: Amen for Ramen!

You're jonesing for ramen so you hit up the place around the corner where a huge bowl costs you..

Casellula: A Perfect Spot in NYC

I am always in a search for fabulous places to get food. I would like to thank Lindsay (The Lun..

Interview with Karen Symington Muendell

Karen Symmington Muendell is someone I truly enjoy knowing. She is a private Chef, caterer, and..

Pounds & Ounces: A Good Reason to Gain Them

Pounds & Ounces has taken over the Chelsea home of the Viceroy. I recently paid the restaurant ..

SceneTap: Helping Creepy Men Stalk Women Everywhere

A new smartphone app called SceneTap uses facial detection technology via cameras placed strate..

Interview with Personal Chef Alex Tishman of Big City Chefs

Whenever people think of Chefs, they automatically think of those Cheflebrities on the Food Net..

The Fuss Over Foie Gras

Nearly eight years after a bill enacting a foie gras ban was signed, California is set to impos..

Hill Cafe: Worth The Trip To Brooklyn

I was recently invited to try out Hill Cafe (a French restaurant) in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.  ..

Millesime’s $1.25 1904 Meal

You probably heard about the $1.25 deal that Millesime offered for the inauguration of their 29..

Review Indie Food and Wine

I am one happy woman. Great restaurants keep sprouting up on the Upper West Side. I'll be busy ..

“You Ask, We Tell” Where to Eat Fleet Week 2012

Single New Yorkers look forward to Fleet Week every year. But this is a reminder that Fleet Wee..

Amazing Deal Alert: Millesime 3 course meal for $1.25

Millesime has always been hard to find (even with two entrances). The restaurant is celebrating..

Family Held Hostage For Refusing to Pay 17% Tip

A family dining at La Fisherman restaurant in Houston, Texas, complained to local media that th..

Have an Extra $25K? Disney’s Club 33 Opens Up Memberships

Disneyland has opened membership to its exclusive Club 33, the clandestine members-only restaur..

Book Top Chefs to Cook in Your Kitchen

If you always wanted to try out the food of some of the top chefs in NYC, now you can do it in ..

Need Last Minute Reservations for Mother’s Day?

If you didn't make resos when we pushed our first piece. And if you still didn't make resos whe..