Openings, Closings, and New York Restaurant News

Bistro The Tea Set: They just received their liquor license. This means a new watering hole for..

The BLT Turkey Club at the Standard Grill: Today, Tomorrow, and Forever

It was Greek Easter Sunday and I was ready to have some Lamb. I figured it was a great time to ..

Lenny Kravitz May Not Cook For You, But You Can Eat His…

Sushi...why do you have such a dirty mind? I recently wrote about the sushi box that was desig..

Stop Being Cheap New York, Make Your Mother’s Day Resos Today!

Mom slaves away all day in the kitchen...ok...maybe not anymore. Today's mom may be better at o..

Detroit’s “too expensive” Restaurant Week 2012

When I think of Detroit, I think of Eminem, cars, Kiss, the economy, and food. Yup. I think abo..

Why Montanara Pizza sucks; it’s Zeppole with Cheese

Antonio Starita's new pizza place opened in February in Hell's Kitchen. It quickly rose to fame..

Balade: A Perfect Place to Get Acquainted with Lebanese

I recently stopped by Balade for a bite. It is located in one of my favorite dining locations, ..

How The Big Mac Got Its Name

It was Esther Glickstein Rose of Glenview, Illinois, that named the famous burger, the Big Mac...

The Last Supper at El Bulli

El Bulli, perhaps the most famous restaurant in the world, closed to the dismay of foodies all ..

California Judge Sides With Happy Meals

A San Francisco judge has dismissed a class-action lawsuit in California that sought to prohibi..

Interview with Alan Philips on The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Starting a Food Truck Business

Food trucks have been on everyone's lips for the past few years. It all started around 2009, wi..

Eat with Me at Millesime

I've been working diligently and chatting up with lots of restaurants. I've slowly become addic..

Alamo Drafthouse to Open on NYC’s UWS

The rumor is confirmed. Alamo Drafthouse will be opening up a location on the Upper West Side ..

Review Pera Soho

I had the pleasure of dining at two great Turkish restaurants last week. Savann and Pera SoHo. ..

Review Savann Restaurant New York: Unassumingly Delicious

I recently received an invite to review Savann. I had no expectations when I arrived. It is loc..

McDonald’s Really Makes You Sad

A study published in the journal Public Health Nutrition concludes eating fast-food and commerc..

Don’t want to cook for Passover 2012, Eat Here NYC!

New York celebrates its Jewish community; so do New York restaurants. I always look forward to ..

Matsuri and Hiro Auctions

If you follow NYC restaurant news, you've probably heard that New York institutions Matsuri Res..

Where to Eat Easter 2012 in NYC

Easter is most associated (in the food sense) with Chocolate bunnies, peeps and colored eggs. I..

Campo Viejo Color Me Uncorked

I get lots and lots of emails from PR companies. This one was worth sharing. Campo Viejo, Rio..

Order Pizza Via One Push On A Refrigerator Magnet

A restaurant, Red Tomato Pizza, in Dubai, the port city in the United Arab Emirates on the Pers..


UPDATE: TACOCOPTER ONLY A CONCEPT. We love robots. Robots are cool. You know what's cooler? Ro..

Chops & Hops Makes Light of Domestic Violence

Guess Chops & Hops was not paying attention to the Belvedere faux pas that just occurred. They ..

Restaurants Most-Targeted For Stolen Credit Card Information

Slate reminds readers that for at least 10 years, organized crime groups from all parts of the ..

Daniel Boulud Celebrates His Birthday

Today is Chef Daniel Boulud's 57th birthday.He is not only an incredible chef, he is a celebrit..

NY French Restaurant Week

I am a Francophile. I have been obsessed with all things French since I was a little girl. This..

A Line Cook’s View On “The Fame Racket” & Selling Out

When it involves cooking, Richie Nakano, San Francisco chef, line cook, and blogger, believes h..

NY March Dining Events You Should NOT Miss

The weather is gorgeous and I am ready to dine. Restaurants are prepping for Spring dining feve..

Great Spots for Outdoor Dining in NYC

This winter could be an argument for global warming. This week we hit 70 degrees in NYC. People..

Review the Roaring Fork Restaurant, Austin

Suddenly, my server pulled out a flashlight. I was thankful for it. I just had a 35th birthday ..

Review La Condesa Austin

I had been hearing that La Condesa had some of the best Mexican food in Austin. This was absolu..

Review Blue Ribbon BBQ Austin

I'm at SXSW this week. It has been pretty disappointing. It took me 24 hours to get from NY to ..

Wall Street Execs Scam Thousands in Free Food & Beer

Slick Wall Street players have found yet another way to game the system -- only this time inste..

Want To Make Money As a Chef? Don’t Work In a Restaurant

According to a salary survey conducted for the American Culinary Federation by Industry Insight..

Best Books for Aspiring Chefs

These are some books that are perfect for those looking to get the..

Sexism Rampant in The Restaurant Industry

WNET's John Farley comments on the still pervasive inequity in and around restaurant industry k..

Review Azuri Cafe Midtown West

If you are looking for the best shawarma in NYC, Azuri Cafe may be it. I've been to this Hell's..

Review Basil Brick Oven Pizza Astoria

I am constantly in the search for amazing pizza. Totonno's in Coney Island ruled my heart for y..

Business Starved Restaurants Train Staff to Read Customer Body Language

NPD Group, a market research firm, predicts the number of people going to restaurants is expect..

Fiorini Review NYC

Susan Rike invited me and a few other food writers to sample the food at Fiorini. The restauran..

Vai Restaurant Review New York

Susan Rike invited me and a few other food writers to eat at Vai. It is the brainchild of Vince..

National Margarita Day Deal Alert and Recipe

Recipe Follows: National Margarita Day takes place on Wednesday, February 22. They've decided ..

Chef Claude Godard’s Crepe Mamie Jeanne Recipe

Recipe on the bottom. I had the honor of meeting Chef Claude Godard recently. Outside of being..

NYC Mardi Gras Celebrations

Fat Tuesday may be the ultimate food holiday. Mardi gras is French for Fat Tuesday. It is ce..

FriendsEAT February Meetup at Jeanne and Gaston

Each month we select a restaurant in NY for our dining meetup. This month we have selected Jean..

McDonald’s Finally Dumps Pig Crates (11 Yrs After Chipotle Grill)

McDonald's is finally phasing out pig crates, and requiring its pork suppliers to dump gestatio..

Heart Attack Grill Customer Has Heart Attack While Eating There

Fox 5 Vegas has posted an amateur video showing a man suffering a heart attack while dining at ..

3 Restaurants in Chicago that the Locals want to Keep a Secret

When I heard the title of MJ's blog, Carb Before the Storm, I knew that I would like what she h..

Spice Market’s All Natural Sodas Make at home!

I am not a soda drinker. I used to be. I stopped drinking soda for various reasons including th..

Lincoln Square’s “Fashion Plate Prix Fixe”

One of the most anticipated events in New York City is Fashion Week. For foodies, it is another..