Soul Gastrolounge Charlotte, NC

What a disappointment. I rarely write unflattering reviews, but this place was simply  unsatis..

Amy’s Baking Company: New Employee Contract Scandal Emerges

After the "Kitchen Nightmares"episode aired in which chef Gordon Ramsay walked off the set of A..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier’ Classic Lobster Rolls

What does a lobster roll made by two James Beard Award winning chefs taste like? It tastes like..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Chef Jennifer Cole-Ruiz’s Chicharrones

I've been friends with Chef Jennifer Cole-Ruiz for a while now and I respect her wholly as a pr..

French Restaurant Week Summer

I'm a little bummed this year since I won't be in NYC for French Restaurant Week which is takin..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Chef Sal Scognamillo’s Low Fat Baked Calamari Salad

Summer is here; that means swimsuits, shorts and summer dresses. That does not mean we have to ..

Cocotte, as tiny as a cocotte, but full of flavor

Sometimes you just don't want to let people in on your secret. It took me quite a while to craf..

Kid-Free Sushi Bar Bans Kids Under 18

A Virginia restaurant, the Sushi Bar, which opened a few weeks ago in the city of Alexandria, h..

Subway’s “Health Halo” Marketing Tactic Is Misleading

Based on a survey conducted at fast food restaurants, customers estimated Subway sandwiches wer..

Cooking Your Way Out Of Prison

Modern prison food is canned, frozen or fried, heavily processed food. But in the 19th century,..

Sotto Sopra Amagansett, Making Tuscany Proud

We were recently invited to the Hamptons to check out the pet friendly resort, the Southampton ..

D’Artagnan Duckathlon

D'Artagnan may be not just the best supplier of delicious meats in the US, they may be one of t..

New Starbucks Policy Forbids Smoking Within 25 Feet of Stores

A new policy which went into effect on June 1 at every Starbucks in the U.S. and Canada, forbid..

Paula Deen Redux – Dunkin’ Donuts Bacon-Doughnut Sandwich

Dunkin' Donuts appears to have borrowed a recipe from someone No Reservations host Anthony Bour..

Yup, this exists â”Lasagna-Bun Burgerâ”

Just when you thought that all Paula Deen inspired food monstrosities were over, this creature ..

New York City Threatens To Close Down 17 Sidewalk Cafes

How's this for timing? Just before summer, New York City's Department of Consumer Affairs is th..

TGI Fridays in New Jersey Caught Selling Cheap Liquor as Premium

Fraud is rampant in the restaurant and food retail trade. From Yellowtail mislabeled as mahi-ma..

Chef John Schenk’s Grilling Tips

Chef John Schenk, who is known for his intensive knowledge of meat and steaks, joined the BR ..

Free SmashBurger May 28 If…

Random & strange promotion (and useless to me since my name is NOT burger)...but yeah, SmashBur..

Mother’s Day Deals

Five days to Mother's day and you still haven't made resos? What the heck are you waiting for? ..

Where to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

While Cinco De Mayo is not really much of a holiday in Mexico, it has become a cause for celebr..

Outdoor Dining NYC

Screw Ned Stark and his crappy premonition "Winter is coming". If you consider yourself a  sum..

Hooters Waitress Sues – Forced to Quit After Brain Surgery

A former Hooters waitress claims she was forced to quit her job after undergoing brain surgery ..

Study: Restaurants Set Kids Up For Lifetime of Unhealthy Eating

Based on an 18-month study conducted by the Rand Corporation, 96% of main entrees sold at top U..

Sports Bar Owner Trademarks The Term “Breastaurant®”

In the past 10 years, some of America's biggest food chains have lost more than 50% of their sa..

Did They Lie? Consumer Reports on Restaurant Calorie Counts

In 2011, restaurant chains with 20 or more retail stores were required to disclose menu calorie..

Olive Garden Surprises Fire Victims With Comped Dinner Check

After having been rendered homeless from a house fire at his parent's home, Seth McClure of DeK..

Easter Roundup: NYC

You know you don't want to cook for the whole family on Easter. That means a whole day's prep &..

Fun Easter New York

You're looking for a way to celebrate Easter, but you are sick and tired of the same old regula..

Benares Review

Located in Tribecca, Benares' warm, inviting, and low-key atmosphere makes this restaurant a de..

Scores Become Sick After Eating at World’s Best Restaurant

Last year, the Copenhagen restaurant Noma, was voted the best restaurant in the world for the t..

Top Ten Outrageously Expensive Fast Foods

Americans are obsessed with fast food. And almost from birth, Madison Avenue bombards kids with..

Pros & Cons of Restaurants Using Ipads as Menus

You love your iPad. Heck, I love mine. And I've heard of restaurants using them as menus, but I..

Poll: Food Preferences Republicans vs. Democrats

Since Democrats and Republicans continue finger pointing, and have failed to make a deal, the 2..

Down Syndrome Restaurateur gives Hugs and Good Food

  Love this guy.    He's a special needs athlete who opened up his own place.  His m..

â”Our Food is Guaranteed not to Cause Pregnancyâ”

"Our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy"is the clever tagline for "Cabbages & Condoms," ..

Parody Website Mocks Guy Fieri’s NYC Restaurant With Bogus Menu

Guy Fieri's food empire recently expanded with the opening of his new Times Square restaurant, ..

I’m Lovin’ It: Burger King’s Twitter Feed Hacked

The Twitter account @BurgerKing was hacked and its logo, profile page, and account name were ch..

Basil Brick Oven Pizza: So Much More than Your Average Pizza Joint

Tucked away in a corner of Astoria, Michelin rated Basil Brick Oven Pizza is much more than its..

Where to Eat Valentine’s Day in NYC

You still have not made reservations. No need to bang your head against the wall. Try one of th..

Interview with Chef Gaston Acurio

I recently had the chance to interview famed Chef Gaston Acurio. He is the man responsible for ..

You’ll Sing Do-Raymi for Raymi

I'm sure you can tell by the title that I'm feeling saucy. Could be because I finally made it o..

ReviewerCard: A Shameless Exercise in Rank Exploitation

Los Angeles Times columnist David Lazarus recently wrote about a company that sells ID cards to..

2nd Annual Chocolate Week New York

I received an incredible invite from Severine Piquet of MPB Agency. It was for a press lunch to..

Where to celebrate Valentine’s in NYC

Two weeks until Valentine's Day. If you procrastinate like I do. There's no need to worry. We'v..

$1,000 for a Bagel? How About $16,000 For a Meat Pie?

For those still in doubt about the ever widening gap between the rich and poor, consider this: ..

Escape into Paradise at Oficina Latina

I try out lot of restaurants, so you can skip the bad ones. I'm thrilled to say that Oficina La..

McDonald’s Baguette is Both Praised & Criticized As a Perversion

When a Michelin starred chef lavishes McDonald's with praise, something very peculiar is simmer..

Where to eat for Valentine’s in NYC

Valentine's Day is usually a day when restaurants jack up their prices and give you sub par ser..

In Hip Bushwick, Brooklyn, A Naked Waitress is Blasé

Bushwick, Brooklyn was once dubbed the beer capital of the Northeast. In the mid 1800's, a majo..