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We've constantly  been asked by members to give them more information on what is going on the ..

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-04-19

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-04-12: Uploading pictures from dinner at Soma on Fillmore in..

Untested Nanotechnology Used In Food Products

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="202" caption="Image via Wikipedia"][/caption] Frien..

Keith Richards Loves Pie

Poor Stuart Cable.  All he wanted was some of the delicious-looking Shepherd's Pie that was..

Is SPAM the New Ham? Ask President Obama!

A newspaper headline caught my eye yesterday.  It was how the proliferation of spam was was..

Depression Cooking With Clara, A 93-Year-Old Great-Grandmother

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="Image by vigilant20 via Flickr"][/capti..

1,500 Farmers Commit Mass Suicide In India

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="Indian Farmers Commit Suicide"][/captio..

Interview with Lynn Crocker of Second Harvest Food Bank

[caption id="attachment_957" align="alignright" width="125"] Lynn Crocker[/caption] I recently..

New Report â” An Indictment of the F.D.A.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Salmonella"][/caption] According to C..

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-04-12

Uploading pictures from dinner at Soma on Fillmore in San Francisco https://friendseat.com/re..

Food and Music: Double Your Pleasure

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="202" caption="The Boss in Concert"][/caption] "If m..

Easter Food Prices Up, Consumers Cutting Back

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="The Price of Organic Easter Eggs up 50%..

Setton Pistachio Recall Expands To All Nuts Harvested 2008

Setton Pistachio, one of the largest pistachio processors in the nation, expanded its recal..

Memories Wanted for Culinary History Project

Image by Jeff Kubina via Flickr Memories wanted!  Either yours or those of your relatives..

Interactive ‘Smart’ Food Coming To A Supermarket Near You

Our entire food chain has been altered beyond recognition. Thanks to genetically modified se..

Interactive ‘Smart’ Food Coming To A Supermarket Near You

Our entire food chain has been altered beyond recognition. Thanks to genetically modified se..

FriendsEAT Blog Commment Contest

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="192" caption="Not sure what it means...but that"s fun..

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-04-05

New Recipe: Turnip turnovers Recipe http://tinyurl.com/c2phqc # New Recipe: Lemon coconut ma..

Food, Lies, Monsanto — And The Food Safety Working Group

You've no doubt heard the term "Shadow Government". The term implies a sinister and powerful..

Dietitian Throws Ball Park Burger a Curve

We kill our fans! A four-pound, gut-busting burger, consisting of five beef patties, five sli..

GM Contamination Risk in Organic Food

Modifed food.  Nothing is that yellow and red. In March of last year, Michael Funk, CEO of U..

Red Meat in the Hot Seat

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="Is worst they we thought?  Say it ain"..

Cooked Or Raw: Surprise Health Finding in Veggie Report

I was always under the impression raw vegetables had more nutritive value than cooked vegetable..

Update: Pay What You Want Arrives in Arlington, Texas

How much is this meal worth to you? Another restaurant has made national news with its "Pay W..

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-03-29

New Recipe: Green bean and prosciutto wraps Recipe http://tinyurl.com/ce4xnh # Weekly Twitte..

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-03-22

New Recipe: Easy roasted chicken thighs with potatoes and carrots Recipe http://tinyurl.com..

Taking Over the World, One Milk Dud at a Time

Where is my $12 bucket of popcorn? It's a very special day.  You walk into the ornate carpet..

The Dazzling Marketing Power of Online Restaurant Reviews

In the world of popular culture, the adage is "You're no one unless you've been on T.V."How tim..

It’s a Great Time to Be a Restaurant Customer

Unfortunately, there's a dramatic thinning of the herd going on as more and more people opt to ..

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-03-15

New Recipe: Frozen black irish Recipe http://tinyurl.com/d46c87 # New Recipe: Easter dinne..

The Fat Duck Re-opens Under a Veil of Mystery

Fat Duck Reopens "I am delighted that the health protection agency and the local environment..

The Truth Behind the Scandal- Angel Food Ministries

On February 25, 2009 two board members of Angel Food Ministries, a Christian nonprofit organiza..

You May Be Arrested Soon For Growing A Tomato

As our government hands over billions to Wall Street bankers, jobless Americans live in tent ci..

Diary of a Mad Grocery Shopper

Walmart isn't always cheapest Week after week, month after month and I'd finally had it with ..

Farewell to Foodie Friend, Susan Campoy

The Los Angeles restaurant community is abuzz after word came down about the passing of Susan C..

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-03-08

New Recipe: Mexican cornbread with chiles meat and cheese vegetarian version Recipe http://..

Food is the Focus of Festival of Purim

Food aficionados customarily look forward to March in anticipation of the flavors and frivolity..

The Marlboro Man Is Dead in Texas

When I think of the Marlboro Man, that rugged cowboy with a cigarette angled in his mouth,  I ..

New York Wine Expo 2009 at the Jacob Javits Center

We attended the NY Wine Expo at the Jacob Javits Center. These types of events are great for ..

Calorie Shock â” â”Read ‘em Before You Eat ‘emâ”

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"] New York City's Board of Health makes posting cal..

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-03-01

New Recipe: Raita yoghurt dip Recipe http://tinyurl.com/bwnvp2 # New Recipe: Coconut macar..

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-02-22

What's been going on? Follow us on twitter to find out.  New Recipe: Slumgullion Recipe http..

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-02-15

Want to stay abreast of the latest in food? Follow us on Twitter. New Recipe: Cranberry chick..

FriendsEAT Releases New Profile Page

We are glad to announce for this Valentine's Day a special surprise for our members, the  rele..

Genetically Modified Food Ban Despite All-Clear

Until now, the French have always had something for which they were universally respected: thei..

What is it about Valentine’s Day and Chocolate?

When most of us think of Valentine's Day, we think of red decorations, intimate dinners with a ..

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-02-08

New Recipe: Summer macaroni salad Recipe http://tinyurl.com/av6wps # New Recipe: Croissants ..

Obama puts the FDA under review

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NBC pulls “Sexy” PETA’s Superbowl ad

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The Obamas : The new First Foodies

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