PETA Running Steak Ads?

A clever prankster creating a copy of the PETA SeaKitten advertising campaign and placed a nice..

Login Issues

We are working on some backend stuff with the users logins from 1/29/2009 1am - 8am.    Their..

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-01-25

For all of you who are keeping up with us on twitter, here's the breakdown of what went on thi..

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-01-18

The breakdown on twitter activity last week. New Recipe: Shahi murga Recipe http://tinyurl.co..

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-01-11

Our Twitter Updates - Follow us. New Recipe: Almost vegetarian winter root vegetable and cha..

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-01-04

Check us out on twitter. New Recipe: New years appetizers zucchini salmon rolls Recipe http:/..

About Us

FriendsEAT.com is a food and dining social community.   The site was founded by Antonio Evans..

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2008-12-28

New Recipe: Christmas graham coconut bars Recipe http://tinyurl.com/9nd4a5 # New Recipe: Ch..

Jeremy Piven’s Mercury Posioning aka “Sushigate”

Jeremy Piven annouced in December he would be leaving David Memet's Broadway production of "Sp..

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2008-12-21

New Recipe: Chanukah duck breast with tangy honey sauce Recipe http://tinyurl.com/6jam9d # ..

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2008-12-14

7 up cake Recipe http://tinyurl.com/68ez6r # Sams potato chips Recipe http://tinyurl.com/67..

Recent Recipe Updates

When it's cold and windy and going outside just won't do, we like to fire up the oven and bake...

Ask a Foodie

Ever have a food question on your mind but can't find the exact answer?   Well this week ..

Testing new Google Search on FriendsEAT

  We are running a couple week test on using Google Custom Search on FriendsEAT. &nbs..

MySpace Food has Restaurants now

As of 1am today we were able to release our Restaurant feature to our MySpace Food application...