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An Introduction to Shoyu

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The Fork

Although the precise eating methods of historical cultures are rarely discussed, the fork was a..

Ever Wonder Why Some Eggs Are Brown?

No matter the color, eggs are inexpensive, high in protein, and contain only 70-80 calories eac..

Potato Types

I think there's not one person in the world that dislikes potatoes. They may be the ultimate co..

Oil Basics

We're all familiar with oils. They are essential to cooking. An oil is basically a fat that rem..

Flavor profiles of tea

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Teas vs. Tisanes

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Stuff you Need to Know About Champagne

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Surimi is surely not for me

Basically, this is the stuff used in cheap Japanese restaurants and passed off as crab, lobster..

Other Edible Eggs

In the states, when one says the word "egg" one thinks of chicken eggs. But if you're bored of ..


I have a thing for eggs. For me they are pretty much the perfect food. They are packed full of ..

Does This Clash With My Meat?

This is a guest post by the talented Cyrille Hanson. Cyrille,  The Hotel Hanford's wine and e..

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Organic Wine: Spoof Or Proof

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Service Crew, For the Win!

The service crew is the front line of any restaurant. A restaurant is nothing without a good cr..

Chef Jennifer Cole Guests Posts for the Week

Chef Jennifer Cole has quickly become a good friend. When I met her and listened to her talk ab..


First there was the Manwich, now you can have a "Candwich". You read right. Yet another abomina..

Chardonnay at its Best

Today, a big wine event is being celebrated by wine lovers and enthusiasts globally, through so..

Why You Always Pick the Wrong Line at the Supermarket

It always feels like whenever you are at the supermarket (or waiting on line at the DMV, or in ..

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Nestled in the Northern Coast of Spain, the Basque Province is known to be one of the world's..

Pakistani Cuisine

Pakistani cuisine is known for its rich flavors which are derived from the use of many spices (..

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day

It seems like the list of food holidays that you can attend reaches no end. Just take, for exa..

Uji Maccha Green Tea Kit Kat

I am onto my third flavor of Japanese Kit Kats. I already tasted Soy Sauce (perhaps I should ha..

Osso Buco: Bone with a Hole

Osso Buco, literally a bone with a hole is dish that will not fail to satisfy anyone's appeti..

Kinilaw: A Raw Seafood

This is the Filipino version of Ceviche, a seafood dish that is popular in many places. Fili..

The Art that is Custard

Smooth, silky, sweet and tasty, those are just some words to describe such an exquisite dish th..

Getting Rid of Fruit Flies in Your Home

Although fruit flies are usually prevalent in warm climate, there is still a chance that fruit ..

Haribo: The Company Behind Gummi Bears (and jelly goodness)

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Top 10 Pinot Noirs Under $15

Sideways was a wonderful and horrible thing for Pinot Noir. Sure it brought attention to the gr..

Interview with Dane Low

Cactus Club Cafe is one of Canada's best known casual dining restaurants. It is constantly awa..

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If there is someone who fits the description of a brilliant artist, Terrance Brennan comes to ..

Rare Cacao Beans Striving in Peru

True to its original nature, cacao beans have been a highly valuable commodity.  Even though c..


Sure, there are Scoops, but somehow they never felt perfect. Leave it to Denis Bostandzic, a Se..

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