2016 Restaurant Spotlight: Fat Jack’s BBQ

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Fat Jack's BBQ Branch at Northeast Philadelphia

Fat Jack’s BBQ Branch at Northeast Philadelphia

We are talking to Sarathe publicist for Fat Jack’s BBQ. Although Fat Jacks BBQ has multiple locations, it has humble beginnings and we wanted to learn a little more about that. Here’s what Sara had to say:

FE: Tell me a little about the Fat Jack’s BBQ restaurant group.

Sara: Fat Jacks BBQ is a QSR (quick service restaurant) started in 1993 by Pitmaster Glenn Gross. Fat Jacks had modest beginnings; Glenn always as a child had to man the BBQ. The first location opened in 1993 in Vineland, New Jersey. After some trials and tribulations he divested and regrouped to what is Fat Jacks today. Although the business has grown, you can still find Glenn behind the grill on most days, and is active building the locations along with keeping quality tight in each of the stores. The focus is a friendly family atmosphere that provides down home good old smoked brisket, fall of the bone ribs that you can smell before you even pull into the parking lot of any of the 5 locations.

FE: Are there any awards that you have received that you are  particularly proud of?

Sara: Over the years Glenn has competed and won over 400 trophies at various BBQ competitions. In 2013 they came in 3rd at the World Food Championships held in Las Vegas, for the Ultimate Memphis Mauler which is on our menus and remains a favorite.

FE: Is there a philosophy the restaurant adheres to, something that everyone strives for?

Sara: The philosophy is to always serve quality products in each and everyone of our locations along with friendly knowledgeable employees.

Texas Beef Brisket from Fat Jack's BBQ Restaurant

The crowd favorite Texas Beef Brisket from Fat Jack’s BBQ

FE: What is your most popular dish?

Sara: People can’t pick just one. Our Texas Beef Brisket is a favorite, which is flavored with the right combination of rubs, spices and sauces, and is cooked over real Tennessee hickory wood for up to 18 hours! The Notorious P.I.G. Sam’ich, Texas Twister, and Memphis Mauler aren’t far behind.

FE: What makes you stand out above the rest?

Sara: Glenn demands a superior product. If it is not up to his standards, it won’t go out.

Notorious PIG Sandwich with Fries from Fat Jack's BBQ Restaurant

Notorious P.I.G. Sam’ich with Fries: Crispy bacon, juicy pork belly and Carolina pulled pork atop a country fresh roll, topped with Cajun maple syrup, slaw n’ Memphis dry rub. Comes with Texas fries and pickles.

FE: Does Fat Jack’s run deals I must absolutely take advantage of when I visit?

Sara: Every $1 you spend before tax you get a point. Once you get to 100 points you get a free samich (up to $8) Mondays and Tuesdays you get DOUBLE points. Enter your code/claim ID from your receipt after your done signing up to start earning points!

About Fat Jack’s BBQ

Dining Style: Quick Service

Cuisine Type: Down Home BBQ

Hours of Operation: They vary by location

Dress Code: Casual

Price Range: $2.79 for a side up to $165.99 for packages

Payment options: All major credit cards

Fat Jack’s Locations

Fat Jack’s Roosevelt

10090 Roosevelt Blvd. Philadelphia, Pa. 19116
Phone Number: (215) 613-7091

Fat Jack’s Elkins Park

8120 Old York Road Elkins Park, Pa. 19027
Phone Number: (215) 885-8600

Fat Jack’s Oxford 

6391 Oxford and Levick, Philadelphia, Pa. 19111
Phone Number: (215) 552-2990

Fat Jack’s Elmira Road

344 Elmira Road, Ithaca, NY. 14850
Phone Number: (607) 319-0920

Fat Jack’s Tompkins Street

234 Tompkins Street Cortland, Pa. 13045
Phone Number: (607) 344-3777

Have you been there? Leave a review and see if there are coupons for your next visit:

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