Poll: Food Preferences Republicans vs. Democrats

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Since Democrats and Republicans continue finger pointing, and have failed to make a deal, the 2011 law requiring budget cuts goes into effect today.

The House of Representatives has adjourned, and most members of the Senate have gone home. All that’s left is for Obama to sign a directive ordering the White House Office of Management and Budget to put the cuts into effect.

The political divide between Democrats and Republicans in this country has never been wider, and even extends to polarized views regarding food.

Most everyone is aware of the grassroots differences between the two parties.

But Public Policy Polling, who conducts surveys for politicians, political organizations, unions, consultants, and businesses, recently released some interesting polling data on food preferences related to Democrats and Republicans.

A Few Examples of Food Preferences

*Democrats are the party of bagels and croissants

*Republicans prefer donuts

*Democrats like KFC better than Chick Fil A

*Republicans take Chick Fil A over KFC

*Democrats approve of vegans

*Republicans have a negative opinion of them

*Democrats prefer regular soda

*Republicans prefer diet

*Democrats don’t like The Olive Garden

*Republicans narrowly believe the Olive Garden is a quality source of authentic ethnic food

Food Issues Where Both Agree

*40% of Americans have a positive opinion of fast food

*49% view it negatively

*Democrats and Republicans both come in at 41/50 on their general opinion toward fast food

*52% of Americans say that dinner is their favorite meal of the day

*29% breakfast

*11% lunch

*Democrats and Republicans both favor dinner

*Both parties prefer Coke over Pepsi

*Both parties prefer a Coke over a beer

Fast Food Preferences Both Partied Combined


*22% Burger King

*19% for Wendy’s

*15% for McDonald’s

Least Favorite

*22% McDonald’s

*16% Hardee’s

*15% for both Burger King and Jack in the Box

Favorite Pizza Joint Both Parties Combined

*30% Pizza Hut

*17% Papa John’s

*15% Domino’s

*5% Little Caesar’s

Health Insurance

Fifty-four percent of voters say that they’d be willing to pay more for their restaurant meals to help employees have health insurance to 30% who say they would not.

Democrats would overwhelmingly agree to pay more

Republicans would pay more, but by a narrow margin

A Few Final Notes From Poll:

*49% of Americans have a favorable opinion of vegetarians to 22% with a negative one. For vegans it’s a 38/30 spread.

*Overall 13% of the people we surveyed consider themselves to be either vegetarians (6%) or vegans (7%).

*Americans narrowly prefer pancakes (33%) over french toast (30%) with waffles finishing well back at 22%.

*Only 21% of Americans consider themselves to be obese. Last year the CDC estimated that almost 36% of Americans are actually obese, and it seems possible that the lack of self awareness among people who are obsese could help to explain why so many more people are than think they are.

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Spence Cooper
Inquisitive foodie with a professional investigative background and strong belief in the organic farm to table movement. Author of Bad Seeds: A FriendsEAT Guide to GMO's. Buy Now!
Spence Cooper