Top 10 Cheap Eats In New York’s Financial District

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Despite the lack of government and financial support, the participants of Occupy Wall Street are still pushing for what they believe in. Knocking on the hearts of companies may be difficult, but there’s no stopping as far as they are concerned. The protesters at Wall Street are decrying the current political and economic climate and they’re doing it at the heart of New York’s financial district. New York is probably one of the most expensive places to live in the US, but when it comes to food and dining, there are cheaper deals than what you can imagine. In line with the Occupy Wall Street movement, we present to you our list of food joints that can satisfy your hunger for less.


8 Maiden Ln, New York

*A neighborhood favorite, Alfanoose is a takeout joint that offers great Middle Eastern meals that are very budget friendly. This restaurant is very well known in New York for their delicious Falafel servings.

Signature Dish: Falafel at $5.75

Pizza Suprema

413 8th Ave, New York

*This restaurant has been tagged as one of the best pizza restaurants in Manhattan by critics. Pizza Suprema boasts of its great pizza menu with its family traditions kept by the family owner for over 40 years.

Signature Dish: Round Cheese Pizza for $16/8 slices and $2.50/slice.

Financier Patisserie

62 Stone St, New York

*Well known for its intimate, Paris-like food and ambience, Financier Patisserie is one of the highly favored cafes in Lower Manhattan. Their pastries are divine and are to die for with an extensive breakfast and lunch menu without being overly expensive.

Signature Dish: Chocolate Mousse Cake at $4.50

Sam’s Falafel Stand

Cedar St and Broadway, New York

*This is another Middle Eastern food joint that never fails to attract hungry New Yorkers. People stand in line to have a taste of its famous falafels and other Middle Eastern staples for less.

Signature Dish: Combo platter (fresh falafels with tomatoes, lettuce, fried eggplant, onions, and a whole lot of stuffing) for $6.

Veronica’s Kitchen

Front St, New York

*A street cart that is best known for its soulful menu and gastronomic treats that are very budget-friendly. Veronica’s Kitchen may not be a popular critic’s pick in most rating sites, but it did win in the 2007 Vendy Awards, making it to the top 5.

Signature Dish: Jerk Chicken at $2/piece

Sophie’s Cuban Cuisine

73 New St, New York

*This restaurant serves authentic Cuban meals and the famous green sauce that the foodies crave for. Sophie’s Cuban Cuisine takes you on a gastronomic journey sans the price of air fare.

Signature Dish: Beef Stew (with rice, plantains, beans, and salad) for $11

Bennie’s Thai Café

88 Fulton St, New York

*This little Thai restaurant in the financial district is a favorite lunch place for many New York employees. This restaurant works magic on authentic Thai dishes for just under $20.

Signature Dish: Pad Thai for $9.95


85 Greenwich St, New York

*Tajin may not be as famous as its competing Mexican food joints, but it definitely serves hearty dishes that are inexpensively delicious. Their burritos are among the most ordered item on the menu.

Signature Dish: Combo Burrito at $8


111 Fulton St, New York

*Crisp is another Middle Eastern joint in the financial district of NYC. They are well known for their falafels and freshly made dishes.

Signature Dish: Falafel Sandwich at $6.95

Ho Yip Restaurant

110 Liberty St, New York

*Ho Yip Restaurant may be located in an unfamiliar food zone, but foodies definitely know their way to this Chinese food joint. This restaurant is known for its authentic Chinese dishes for less.

Signature Dish: Chinese Broccoli with rice for under $8

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