Interview with Emily Dingmann from A Nutritionist Eats

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Emily Dingmann is the author and owner of the successful blog, A Nutritionist Eatswhere she share (mostly) healthy recipes, tips for living a healthy life and new foods that everyone should get to try!

A Nutritionist Eats is one of the finalists for FriendsEAT’s Best Food Blogger of 2013. Check out the other Honorary Mentions here.


Emily Dingmann is the person behind the successful blog, A Nutritionist Eats.

What was your inspiration to start a food blog?

In early 2009 I started toying around with the idea of starting a blog. I wanted to share recipes, nutrition and health tips and new exciting foods that I try with my friends and family. Now I’m an obsessed blogger. Looking back at old posts is hilarious as they are awful! I hope you can laugh at them too.

What was the turning point for your blog? When did you realize it was successful?

When I started really trying to improve my photography and realizing that images make all the difference, I started seeing my site grow more and more. (I’m not saying I’m an expert by any means, but beautiful sites make a difference!)

What’s your personal advice about food blogging to new bloggers?

Make it something you love! Instead of focusing on a certain number of readers, focus on sharing your passion with others!


Anthony Bourdain is a top search keyword in Google, so it’s no surprise A Nutritionist Eats’ feature of his recipe for Scrambled Eggs takes a lot of traffic.

What was your readers’ most favorite blog post? What do you think is the reason why the post got people’s attention?

Anthony Bourdain’s recipe for Scrambled Eggs. People love Anthony Bourdain and apparently he doesn’t have a lot of recipes online, so when they search for them, they end up at my site!

Where do you see food blogging in five years?

Hmm, looking VERY different! I think the focus will be on images and less text and probably on a very different platform!


Your imagination is your only limit when it comes to cooking. The same is true with A Nutritionist Eats’ Brown Butter Challah Stuffing that was transformed into a quiche.

What’s the craziest recipe you ever cooked or baked? Why?

I recently made brown butter challah stuffing…and then I turned it into a quiche! It was absolutely delicious.

What’s your favorite Restaurant? Why do you love it?

Connie & Ted’s – Los Angeles, CA. I love SO many restaurants so this was hard, but Connie & Ted’s has amazingly fresh, delicious seafood, beautifully designed menus and website and beautiful decor.

What’s their best dish you could recommend? Why?

Fresh oysters!

If you do not like a particular dish at your favorite restaurant, what will you do?

Not order it again… but I rarely run into food that I really don’t like.


The strong contrast in colors makes this photo truly mouth-watering.

Your favorite photo on the blog that you shot yourself. Why do you like it?

This was a recent post of my curry ketchup – I love the vibrant colors against the white!

Name your favorite food blog and tell us why.

Pinch of Yum – In addition to delicious food and gorgeous photos, Lindsay shares tips for blogging as well!

If you could banish any food from the earth, what would it be? Why?

Okra! I just can’t seem to find a way to enjoy it. (I know some people will be horrified!)

What’s your food guilty pleasure? (Something you love to eat, but feel guilty right after)

I eat everything and I really don’t feel guilty (unless I eat until the point of feeling way too full)!


The best food in the world are simple, yet full in flavor, just like this Egg Toast by Emily Dingmann of A Nutritionist Eats.

Another favorite photo on the blog that you shot yourself. Why do you like it? 

This is a great example of the foods I eat on a regular basis. Nothing fancy or complex, but SO delicious and satisfying.

What’s the most exotic meal you’ve had?

I recently tried uni (sea urchin) – it was delicious!

What’s your favorite ingredient to cook with?


Who is your favorite celebrity chef? Why?

Ooooh, right now, Ina Garten!

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