Jeremy Piven’s Mercury Posioning aka “Sushigate”

Jeremy Piven annouced in December he would be leaving David Memet's Broadway production of "Sp..

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2008-12-21

New Recipe: Chanukah duck breast with tangy honey sauce Recipe # ..

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2008-12-14

7 up cake Recipe # Sams potato chips Recipe

FriendsEAT is warming up the season

It's cold and blustery outside and we know that all of you have been hitting up the kitchen. M..

Pinkberry’s New Flavor: Pomegranate

The FriendsEAT team was invited to Pinkberry's unveiling of their latest creation. Pomegranate ..

Petey Loses 8 pounds by eating Stella and Chewy

Recently we brought Petey the FriendsEAT "Mascot" into the Vet for a possible ear infection. Â..

Recent Recipe Updates

When it's cold and windy and going outside just won't do, we like to fire up the oven and bake...

Ask a Foodie

Ever have a food question on your mind but can't find the exact answer?   Well this week ..

Testing new Google Search on FriendsEAT

  We are running a couple week test on using Google Custom Search on FriendsEAT. &nbs..

Dinner at Plataforma

We had our 7th Meet-up event in New York. This time we picked Churrascaria Plataforma (Uptown) ..