Chef Reveals the Truth in Multi-million Super Yachts

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Reddit has become a successful social news and entertainment website, catering to over 400 million unique visitors every month. It’s so popular, even the President of the United States, Barack Obama has posted his own AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit.

21st of September, one Reddit user, elineu06, has gathered a lot of attention when he posted this AMA on the website.

Reddit - Chef Working on SuperYachts

In just 2 days, the Reddit post has reached over 3 million viewers, and has received a lot of interesting questions and comments. Here we have compiled the best questions and comments we found both utterly entertaining and shocking!

#1 Chef shares pictures of himself working aboard a Super Yacht.

To prove that he is NOT making his stories up, the chef uploads 2 photos of himself working on a super yacht and a photo of him holding up a sign with his Reddit username.

The Chef's Identity

The chef making Caprese Salad aboard a super yacht.


The chef and the Surf and Turf dish he prepared.

Surf and Turf Dish

The chef holding up a sign with his Reddit username. We believe you now.

Reddit - Chef

#2 What’s the most requested Entree?

Most Requested Entree

#3 And a quick follow-up question gives us an idea how massive Super Yachts are.

Who Does the Fishing

#4 A user asks about the crew’s living situation aboard the super yachts.

Living Situation Aboard a Super Yachts

#5 A user asks what the crew does when there are no guests.

Schedule when the guests are gone

#6 The chef uploads breath-taking photos taken aboard the yacht upon request of another Reddit user.

Breath-taking Photos

A photo of the yacht’s top deck taken by the Chef while they’re in Mexico.

Top Deck in Mexico

An amazing photo of the sunset at the Exumas.

Sunset in the Exumas

#7 The chef shares his thoughts regarding the extravagant costs of maintaining a super yacht.

Super Yacht Maintenance Cost

#8 The chef answers a question that convinced someone to become a chef… or a Saudi Billionaire… or a Mercedes Benz.

Ridiculous use of Money

Mercedes Benz S-Class


#9 Here’s a question on the most difficult customer and the oddest request they had.

DIfficult Guests - Oddest Request

#10 The shares the dessert he loves making on the job.

Favorite Dessert

The Chef’s Banana Strudel with Caramelized Bananas and Vanilla Ice Cream. Yum!


#11 This last question reveals that our chef has a heart for nature.

Tuna - Swordfish

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