Fall Recipes: Matt Johnston’s Spiced Caramel Apple

One of the loveliest places to see the foliage is Rhinebeck, NY in Dutchess County. It is calm,..

Fall Recipes: Chad Musick’s Caramel Apple Martini

Chad Musick, the Beverage Director at High Street Hospitality Group in Greenville, SC knows how..

Whispering Wolf Mojito Recipe

Jellyfish has one of the loveliest views in the Chicago's Gold Coast area. When you go, make su..

Heilila Vanilla Mojito Recipe

New Zealand-based Heilala Vanilla, grows, manufactures and distributes of a premium and award-w..

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Andrea Correale’s Raspberry Mint Lemonade

The weather is starting to change, the sun is just a little less strong, the heat is more balmy..

Chef’s Summer Recipe: Mike Roush’s Passion Fruit Margarita

Where can you get one of the best margaritas in NYC? Why Richard Sandoval's Maya, of course. Mi..

Sarah O’Toole’s Kombucha Mojitos Recipe

Mojitos aren't exactly the healthiest of cocktails. They're traditionally made with sugar, mint..

Maple Mojito Recipe

The Tyler Place's on-site tavern serves up a Vermont Maple Mojito in the Summer months. Their V..

Elderflower Mojito Recipe

TAMO bar & terrace is known for serving regionally-influenced and locally-sourced cuisine, and ..

Pink Mojito Recipe

Benjamin Newby loves nightlife. With a passion forged by the hedonism of the UK house scene in ..

Cali Swizzle

Memorial Day weekend is sort of the unofficial start of summer. Summer means cocktails, delicio..

Outdoor Dining NYC

Screw Ned Stark and his crappy premonition "Winter is coming". If you consider yourself a  sum..

NYC Brazilian Carnaval

Maybe you can't afford the flight to Brazil, but you can afford to party and celebrate Carnaval..

Valentine’s Day NYC Deals

This is the third in our series on restaurants to visit on Valentine's day in New York (part 1 ..

New York 1-Star Michelin for 1/2 Off

Choose between the following options: For $15, you get $30 worth of traditional Persian far..

Tips on Wedding Feeding

Ah, weddings! It is the dream of any bride. Of course, it can quickly turn into a nightmare if ..

Are you ready for some football (food)?

Tomorrow, Super Bowl Sunday. You've got your Steelers jersey clean and ready to aggravate your ..

Interview with Liz Samples

  Nacional 27 is one of Chicago's most popular restaurants. It is admired by many for its..

Bacon Mania – An Epidemic in Bacon Nation

A bacon mania epidemic has engulfed North America and even the United Kingdom. How did we becom..

Colombian Cartagena Cocktails

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="A Sunset in Cartagena"s Fort"][/caption..

2010 Fancy Food Show: Trends

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Fun Drinks for Spring

If you are anything like me, you take the most pleasure out of entertaining. Sure you ca..

Top 10 Cocktails for Super Bowl Sunday

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Favela Cubana Opens in NYC

Favela Cubana is one of the newest restaurants to open in NYC, we recently attended one of thei..

Top Ten Little Known Spirits

Beer recipes have been found on clay tablets and art in ancient Mesopotamia -- the land between..

Culinary Cocktails Emerging as Top 2010 Trend

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Highlights from Brooklyn Eats 2009 â” The Beverages

[caption id="attachment_7144" align="aligncenter" width="149"] 2009 Brooklyn Eats[/caption] Br..

Cocktails, an American Classic

It is said that the first official definition of the word cocktail was in the Farmer's Cabinet ..

Vodka Recipes and Facts

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Keith Richards Loves Pie

Poor Stuart Cable.  All he wanted was some of the delicious-looking Shepherd's Pie that was..