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High Pesticide Levels In 90% Of Celestial Seasonings Tea Samples

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Wednesday Humor: Taco Bell Targets The Health-Conscious Crowd

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Seattle Butcher Sells Prosciutto Made From Marijuana-Fed Pigs

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Coke Goes Global With Anti-Obesity Campaign

In an effort to appease critics who blame soft drinks for fueling obesity rates, and to address..

10 GMO Foods Have Entered Our Food Supply By Stealth

About 80 percent of all processed food on grocery shelves contains genetically engineered (GMO)..

Budweiser’s Creepy New “Buddy Cup” Connects Drinkers on Facebook

Budweiser recently introduced what they call the "Buddy Cup,"a pint beer glass with a built-in ..

Meet The Kid Dow & Monsanto Don’t Want You to Know

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24 Humble Food Brands Owned By Giant Corporations

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Hundreds of Meat Cuts Renamed Under New System

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Big Food Lobbies To Criminalize Whistleblowers

In a recent article by Washington, DC based journalist Will Potter, author of Green Is the New ..

Wal-Mart Pork Supplier Continues Use of Small Gestation Crates

Seaboard Foods, the No. 3 U.S. pork producer based in Kansas, and supplier to Walmart, was forc..

State Stops Sale Price of Milk Because It’s Too Cheap

Louisiana state regulators recently prohibited Fresh Market's (a supermarket chain) weekly milk..

Gatorade Removes Flame Retardant From Ingredients

Brominated vegetable oil (BVO) is banned in food throughout Europe and Japan, yet BVO has been ..

Response from Land O’ Lakes on Reports of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether Contamination

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Celebrating Dairy Month 2011

Come this June, a special occasion will be celebrated all month long. No, I am not talking abou..

CA Lawmakers Vow to Expose FrankenSalmon With Label

Despite poll after poll reflecting strong public opposition, the Food and Drug Administration p..

Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Over Kraft, Hormel Fat-Free Claims

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Okay, Whole Foods will probably not rate your meat unless you purchase yours from their butcher..

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Over the weekend, a massive protest took place in Berlin on Saturday where organizers say 22,00..

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The 20 Most Spine-Chilling Food Issues in 2010

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="FDA"][/caption] For consumers, the ev..

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When The Tampa Tribune featured a series on the dangers of reusable plastic bags in which they ..

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Instead of looking back and reminiscing at the speedy ageing of 2010, I've decided to jump forw..

Unknown dangers of reusable plastic bags

When The Tampa Tribune featured a series on the dangers of reusable plastic bags in which they ..

Food Inflation Tsunami Dead Ahead

[caption id="attachment_31186" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Images via Stock Watch"][..

Appeals Court Challenges FDA on Monsanto’s Frankenstein Milk

According to the Center For Food Safety -- a non-profit public interest group-- rBGH (recombina..

The Bottled Water Scam

Let's face it, the multi-million dollar bottled water ad campaigns have been a stunning success..

How Can Soda be Cheaper Than Water?

The Mintel International Group, a market-research company, claims soda outsold bottled water, j..

Europe Says NO to Cloned Food; US OKs

The European Parliament has requested a ban on the sale of foods from cloned animals and their ..

2010 Fancy Food Show: Trends

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Toxic Effects of Pesticide Residue on Fruits and Veggies

Years ago, before the introduction of things like genetically modified fruits and vegetables, c..

Kellogg Recalls 28 Million Boxes of Cereal

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Say Goodbye to the Gulf Seafood Industry

Even though the U.S. imports roughly 83% of its seafood, and just 2% of domestic seafood suppli..

How Food Recalls Work

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