Fast Foods: How Safe are our Kids?

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Heart Attack Grill: The New Health Menace

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Taylor Mali Explains Why an Apple a Day is Not Enough

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Understanding the Food Nutrition Label

You walk into a supermarket and get flooded with the spectacle of image and information.  Sele..

FDA Protection Racket in China?

Catfish Farmers of America (CFA) and the Catfish Institute are claiming that Chinese and Vietna..

Kokumi: The New Taste Sensation

Foodie's lives were revolutionized by the "discovery" of Umami, get ready to have your mind blo..

Weight Loss Supplement You’ve Never Heard Of – “Sugar Destroyer Pill”

Our always roving news eye stopped briefly at Salon, where we were pleasantly entertained and e..

Appeals Court Challenges FDA on Monsanto’s Frankenstein Milk

According to the Center For Food Safety -- a non-profit public interest group-- rBGH (recombina..

FDA to Approve GM Salmon Despite Strong Opposition

Despite strong public opposition, the Food and Drug Administration is expected to approve AquaB..


If you are at all scared of stocks, you should not be. Once you've practiced them a few times, ..

Egg Mogul Makes Bogus Apology

Austin "Jack"DeCoster, the owner of the agribusiness firm Wright County Egg, told the House sub..

Are You Allergic to These Foods?

According to the The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN), established in 1991, eight food..

Why We Should Eat Sustainable Seafood

Making an effort to consume sustainable seafood helps to extend wild, diverse and healthy ocean..

Was Meat the Original Brain Food?

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380 Million Eggs Recalled, Hundreds Sickened

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Dark Chocolate May Prevent Heart Failure

That is in small amounts of course, so don't go chocaholic on me. A Harvard study has found tha..

Denny’s Fried Cheese Melt

Reminiscent of a Fat Darryl (famous sandwich of the Rutgers Grease Trucks made up of chicken fi..

Higher rates of metabolic syndrome in farm, food service jobs

According to research published in the journal Diabetes Care, farm industry and food service wo..

With guns blazing, cops raid raw milk food club

With guns drawn, four officers blazed into Rawesome Foods in Venice, California, and raided the..

The War Against Soft Drinks

Americans consume more than 10 million short tons -- 1 short ton equals 2,000 pounds -- of suga..

Hedonic Versus Homeostatic Eating

"Hedonic" versus "homeostatic" eating refers to the study and understanding of why some people ..

Ice Cream

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Poll: What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

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Chinese Government Tries To Prevent Melamine Issue

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Sushi Popper

Wow. I just finished reading Sushi For Dummies, and was amazed at just how much I learned. The ..

Beef Jerky Recall

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killer drug-resistant bacteria linked to antibiotics in our meat

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Favorite Childhood Sandwiches

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Cervelat Sausage Recall in Texas

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="Check your Sausage"][/caption] 9,408 ..

2010 Fancy Food Show: Brownie Pops

Brownie Pops makes the prettiest looking pops, sadly we did not get to taste them. Gotta note ..

2010 Fancy Food Show: Moringa Revealed

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Toxic Effects of Pesticide Residue on Fruits and Veggies

Years ago, before the introduction of things like genetically modified fruits and vegetables, c..

2010 Fancy Food Show: Little Pearl Caviar

Ok, not the best picture...but their stuff was killer. Domestic, sustainable, free of preserva..

2010 Fancy Food Show: Annie Chun’s

We've all seen Annie Chun's at the market, and their Korean tacos were tasty. I'm looking for..

Healthy Options to Iconic Kiddie Foods

Since the food industry spends $1.6 billion on youth-targeted marketing, is it any wonder that ..

Kellogg Lambasted Twice for Outrageous Health Claims

Corporate food giants like Kellogg and General Mills would lay claim to their cereal "raising ..

Big Brother Wants You On a Diet

The obesity epidemic in America has compromised the health of millions of Americans, and contri..

Diet Insanity: Craziest Diets Ever

Vanity over comfort. This is the motto for a lot of people (women,especially), and this motto i..

Drug-resistant Bacteria Regularly Found in U.S. Meat

Concerns have festered for years regarding the abusive use of antibiotics in industrial farming..

Eating to Starve Cancer

Every once in a while, you'd encounter an article saying that eating something can cause cancer..

Big Dairy Behind Drive to Outlaw Raw Milk

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Children’s Menu – a Dangerous Precedence

When you hear the words "children's menu" what immediately springs to mind? I'll bet images of ..

Time to Eat the Bad Guys

It's really fun to watch that part in a movie when the the tables have been turned and that evi..

The Hazards of Genetically Modified Soy — It’s in Everything we Eat

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The Salt Borders: Should FDA Step In?

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Corruption Behind The Food Pyramid â” Part 2

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BK for Brunch? No way.

Burger King has a new brunch menu. It includes the items already on their national breakfast me..

Corruption Behind The Food Pyramid – Part 1

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Claim Jumper Reveals Nutritional Information

When I heard a friend boasting that he was taking his six year old to her first Claim Jumper ex..

Orwellian Newspeak: FDA says Walnuts and Cherries are Drugs

In February, the FDA sent a Warning Letter to the president and CEO of Diamond Foods claiming ..