Per Listing

  • icon-cross Duration : 365 days
  • icon-check Image Gallery
  • icon-check Video
  • icon-check Business Tagline
  • icon-check Website
  • icon-check Social Links
  • icon-check FAQ
  • icon-check Price Range
  • icon-check Tags/Keywords


Per Listing

  • icon-cross Duration : Unlimited days
  • icon-cross Image Gallery
  • icon-cross Video
  • icon-cross Business Tagline
  • icon-check Website
  • icon-cross Social Links
  • icon-cross FAQ
  • icon-check Price Range
  • icon-cross Tags/Keywords

How does it work

Yes, you can chose one of the plans above to edit your reviews.  Just pick a plan then when you are logged in go to Edit your Listing.

Just go to your listing and add images or even videos.  Depends on your plan.

You can flag a review and our editorial staff will review it.  If we find it violating our policies we will have it automatically removed.

Yes you can cancel at anytime.  Your billing will end at the next cycle and your account will go down to the free level.

Depending on your plan you can respond to reviews.  Be constructive and remember that sometimes people can be passionate about your business.  Be as professional as possible