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Cookie Christmas Tree

An amazing recipe for christmas: a true christmas tree made of cookie!

5 min Main Ingredient: Egg*Nuts*Sugar Cuisine: Central/South American

Cooking: 5 minutes to make the dough; about 1 our to cut and bake; 15 minutes to mount and decorate Start to finish: 1 day min



Sugar, 100 grams (3 1/2 oz. approx.)

Honey, 200 grams (7 1/4 oz. approx)

Margarine, 100 grams (3 1/2 oz. approx.)

Egg, 1

Cinammon, ginger and/or vanilla

Ground Almonds, 2 tablespoons

Flour, 500 grams (1 lb 2 oz approx.)

Ammonium carbonate, 10 grams (3/8 oz. approx.)

Optional: waffer cilinders

Nutrition Facts




Step 1Melt 100 grams margarine and mix with 100 grams sugar, 200 grams honey, 1 egg, the spice of your choice, 2 tbsp. ground almonds, 500 grams flour and 10 grams ammonium carbonate, forming a dough. Leave in the fridge overnight.

Step 2The next day, roll out the dough (5 mm) and cut 5 or 6 8-point stars, from small to big. cut a hole in the center of each star (see Montage) Bake on baking paper until dry and brown. Let the stars cool completely.

Step 3Montage: You will need a board with a stick or thin rod well stuck in it. Insert a waffer cilinder in the stick (if you can't get waffers or don't want to use them, you can make cardboard cilinders; make them sturdy!). Insert the largest star and sprinkle with powder sugar. Insert another waffer, then the second-largest star, then sprinkle. repeat until the smallest star is in place. End with a waffer and some tinsel.

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