Eggs sunnyside up with onions recipe yaichnitsa

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Eggs sunnyside up with onions

Crisp buttery onions and runny egg yolk make for a satisfying breakfast dish.

2 Main Ingredient: Egg Onion Cuisine: Russian



1 golden onion

2 eggs

1/3 stick of butter

Sea Salt

Black Pepper

Nutrition Facts

per serving of 1




Step 1Peel and halve onion lengthwise.

Step 2Place onion on the flat side and cut width wise.

Step 3Crush onion with your hands to separate arches. Place a small skillet on medium-low heat.

Step 4Melt butter in skillet then put in the onions.

Step 5Salt and pepper the onions to taste.

Step 6Mix periodically until they start to sweat.

Step 7Break open eggs into skillet.

Step 8Watch the heat so that the onions aren't frying too quickly.

Step 9Once the egg whites have congealed use your spatula to separate the eggs to scoop them up.

Step 10Serve with toasted bread and a cup of black tea.

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