easy to make caramel apples

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Halloween Caramel Apples

A classic treat

4 Main Ingredient: Fruit*Dairy Cuisine: American



4 medium apples

4 caramel apple stick

50 pieces of Wherther's original chewy caramels

2 tablespoons evaporated milk

wax paper

Nutrition Facts

per serving of 4




Step 1Push the sticks into the top of the apples

Step 2Put the caramels and the milk into a microwavable bowl

Step 3Microwave on high (pausing to stir constantly) for about 3 minutes

Step 4Dip and swirl the apples in the caramel mixture

Step 5Place on wax paper and refrigerate for 15 minutes

Step 6You can also put little chocolate chips for a mouth and eyes and candy corn for a nose.

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