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Litti, a popular dish of Bihar, India. This mouth watering traditional dish can be consumed long after being prepared, and is quiet frequntly used while travelling.


1 Wheat Flour (Atta) 500gm

2 Roasted Gram Flour (Sattu) 250gm

3 Onion (Pyaj) 1 Medium Size

4 Garlic (Lahsun) 2-3 Cloves

5 Dry Mango Power (Amchoor) 2 Tbl Spoon

6 Aazwain 1/2 Tbl Spoon

7 Mustard Oil (Sarson ka Teil) 2 Tabl Spoon

8 Green Chilli (Hari Mirch) 2-3 Chillies

9 Salt (Namak) According to Taste

10 Smashed Ginger (Adrakh) 1/2 Tab Spoon


Step 1Make a dough of flour

Step 2Make a stuffing or filling of sattu by mixing all the ingredients required viz chopped onions garlic and chillies.

Step 3Chop Onion, garlic and Chillies to small peices

Step 4Add it to Sattu

Step 5Add Salt, Azwain, Amchoor and Mustard Oil

Step 6Mix it well using spoon or hand to make the stufiing

Step 7Now make a cup out of the flour dough,Now put the stuffing into this and close the openings ,Now press the ball gently to flatten it a bit,

Step 8Now put this into the oven till it is baked

Step 9Or alternatively it can also be baked on tawa.

Step 10It done!

Step 11Serve it with sauce or Baigan ka Bharta (Smashed Brinjal).

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