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Sancocho Colombiano

Colombian stew, delicious and nutricious. Abuelita Nelly

90 min 4 $ 8 Main Ingredient: galina, chicken Cuisine: Colombian

Preparing: 30 minCooking: 60 min



16 C water

Olive oil - 2 T

1 LB beef cubed

1 Lb pork cubed

1/2 Lb Yuca - peeled and cubed

2 Green Plantains peeled and broken by hand

1 Lb Potatoes - peeled and cubed

2 Carrots grated

8 pieces of corn

4 stalks scallions

Cilantro to taste

salt & pepper to taste


Use a fresh chicken versus frozen, you will see the difference.  I actually prefer older birds myself.

Nutrition Facts

per serving of 8-10


Step 1Cook the meats in the water with the oil, scallion for 45 minutes so it is tender.

Step 2Add the green plantains and the corn, cook for 15 minutes.

Step 3Add the carrots, potatoes and salt, cook for 10 minutes

Step 4Add the yuca, cook for 15 minutes

Step 5Remove the scallions

Step 6Make sure everything is tender

Step 7Serve in a large soup bowl and top with chopped cilantro.

Step 8To bring it up a level, cut up a banana in slices and drop into the soup - you will thank me.

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