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slow cooked smoked brisket

I have been competing in bbq contest around the southwest and beyond for years, all my family and friends love that slow cooked brisket, well it is truly easy and your to enjoy! belive me if you apply the same information to other meats, spare ribs, pork roast, even corn beef, let see are you ready to be a slow cook king/queen, or will just sit on the side lines and say, hows the hotdog.

0 min how big are your eyes err 8 to 16 Main Ingredient: N Cuisine: American

Cooking: it all depends on you Start to finish: 1 day min



one full brisket 10 to 12 lbs

not the trimmed flats.

always remember fat is where the flavor is!

jar of jalapeneo, the juice is the real deal.

sams club size of canadia's steak seasoning.

this just makes it easy, you can use any combo of just about any salt, peper, dill, garlic, really, got a bunch of old ass bottles of stuff in the spice rack pour it in a bowl, ok be real, if it smell like s__t it might end up taseting like it also.

cajun spiceis a great adder to the steak spices.

Nutrition Facts

per serving of how big are your eyes err 8 to 16




Step 1ok, take the brisket and if you want trim any really large chuncks of fat off, if you do not don't worrie after 12 to 16 hours of slow cooking you will see the fat just falls off and can be disposed of later, i never said this was with out a bit of cleanup!

Step 2you will now need to seer the brisket, or what ever your meet selection is. Putting a ton of the dry rub on at this point is kinda of a waste but what ever. if you want to give it a bit of smoke use the grill, HOT HOTHOT, indirect, indirect, heatit the key to a great seered un burnt to a crisp hunk of meat! the seering process can be 30 mins to as long as you want to feed charcoll, wood, wood chips, hours or just minutes.

Step 3The easy no mess in the oven method is as effective as hell and you can get that just smoked loving effect with the liquid smoke from your local smiths.

Step 4a bit on liquid smoke, I once used the stuff got a bit to much in the process, got it on my fingers, it just made me sick smelling this smell for days, so just be careful and use with caution, to much smoke flavor is to much, you and your guest are the only judge

Step 5ok once seered, now rubb tons od dry rubb on meat

Step 6if you start in oven you can apply rubb befor you start.

Step 7during the seering process crank oven up to 475

Step 8place the brisket or what ever in a pan that will hold loosly space all around meat at to allow hot air around meat

Step 9has to be panned lots od fat running during the 12 hours.

Step 10put meat in the hot oven, for about 2 hours, or untill you smell er a cooking.

Step 11at this point turn oven down to 185, try not to open oven, the heat needs to stay in, not out.

Step 12after 7 to 8 hours take pan out of oven close oven door turn oven back up to 475.

Step 13now is the well if your ready, funn part.

Step 14add another fresh layer of dry rubb, pour around the sides couple of cups of the jalapones juice.

Step 155 or 6 of the jalapones are a must.

Step 16if your pan had a cover great cover and put back in over give the meat a hour or so to regain that cooking process then back to 185 for 7 to 8 more hours.

Step 17What i like to do is take 4 to 5 large ripps of al foil and put the brisket on the foil as above seasion again pour jalapone juice on wrap with foil tight rotate with each wrap, your sealing the meat, and do not fool your self put mack in pan even wrapped. Leaks will occure and it will make a mess out of your oven, aa will cause a fire if the fat drops in the wrong hole.

Step 18After 12 to 15 hours be assured its ready, if your one to dought the inturnal temp of bristet has to be at least 180 to 185 if your at 190 to 195 your there!

Step 19Pork at 185 will fall of the bone. Ribbs well some do not like the meat falling off the bone os do not wrap, and keep the oven temp down to 185 to 190 this taks some time so cook at night and semmllll the process, bet you don't sleep well it smells so good.

Step 20the meat can be sliced better after cool down, who cares, select a sauce and go to town!

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