Eggs topped with caviar

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Soft-boiled Eggs with Caviar

10 min

Preparing: 10 min



Room Temperature Eggs (one per person)

Caviar or Roe of Your Choice

Smoked Salmon

Your Choice of Toast or Crackers

Salt & Pepper to taste.

Electric Tea Kettle

Egg Cracker


You can also sous vide the eggs at 150F (65.6 c) Use any type of roe if you don't want to spend the cash on Caviar.

Nutrition Facts

per serving of 1 egg



This recipe is from Egg Cracker


Step 1Boil water in your electric tea kettle.

Step 2Put your eggs in a sauce pan.

Step 3Cover the eggs with the freshly boiled water and boil on high.

Step 4I usually boil the eggs for 6 minutes.

Step 5While the eggs boil, prepare a bowl with cold water.

Step 6When the 6 minutes are past, put them in the cold water to cool.

Step 7Once the eggs are cool, place on an egg holder and crack the top open.

Step 8Top eggs with a dollop of caviar.

Step 9Serve with a side of toast topped with the salmon.

This recipe is from Egg Cracker

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