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Solera offers a warm & friendly approach to dining while masterfully blending an excellent selection of wines & cuisine. Solera is a place of extraordinary smells, tastes & culinary experiences. Whether you stop in the softly lit bar for a drink or appetizers paired with wine from a list reflecting flavors from all over the world, or head straight into the dining room or outdoor patio, youll experience the differences that set Solera restaurant apart. Bring your passion for foods & wines & you will nt be disappointed. Chef Christian "Goose" Sorensen, formerly of Mel's Bar & Grill,fish & Michael's of Cherry Creek, brings decades of culinary expertise & experience to the table. Soleras goal is to let you enjoy your meal, your company, & most importantly, yourself!




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  • Carly T







    My boyfriend and I went here for our anniversary based on a Westword review. We're both younger (20-25) and I was a little freaked out/intimidated by the atmosphere. It seemed very stuffy, intellectual, not a good place to laugh and talk loudly. There was a group of business men and a couple older gentlemen who seemed engrossed in their conversation about life/philosophy. After we talked to the waitress though it was better. The staff was friendly and the food was great. We got mussels (which came with a choice of 4 preparations) and white truffle macaroni. The mussels were great and the macaroni was awesome except the peas seemed like they were frozen and were a little dry and weird tasting. The portions were large and the wine the server helped us choose was fabulous. They were out of a few wines but they gave us a more expensive wine for the same price as the one we chose that they were our of to compensate, which really impressed me.

    I Ate:

    • White truffle macaroni: Good, not great. ($9)

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