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Trygs is the complete dining experience! It embodies both the comforts of Minnesota and the urban chic of its surroundings through unique touches evident in the physical space and American fare with a unique twist. Upon arriving, dining guests are greeted by impressive architecture and innvative design that is capable of providing each diner with the dining experience they desire. The blazing fireplace in the entrance will make every guest feel at home. Whether you are the culinary critic, a wine aficionado, a private party or semi-private diner, Trygs has the setting to accommodate you, and the food to keep you coming back. Trygs menu is carefully considered with both recognizable and exceptional cuisine, prepared with the freshest ingredients and tantalizing sauces. We have a beautiful wood-burning rotisserie and grill which is the focus of the menu. There is also an outdoor fire pit overlooking Lake Calhoun that highlights Trygs casual, relaxed atmosphere.




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