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7th Street is a American restaurant located at 171 Seventh Street in Montara, CA 94037. 7th Street has been described as an Amazing American restaurant and has received an average rating of 8.3 by our members.




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  • Phil Griff







    The 7th Street restaurant isn't much to look at from the outside, and you might even drive by it several times without even noticing it. But don't let the exterior fool you, what's inside is just plain good food.

    The interior is far more appealing than the outside look of the building (that's why a 7, and not a 9 or 10 on decor). But the food is good and they have a wide variety of offerings. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. We've been for breakfast numerous times and enjoy it immensely. I haven't been for dinner yet but other locals have told me they really like it and have been going back often.

    It is located right off of Highway as you enter Montara. They have some outside seating with glimpses of the ocean nearby, but weather worthy of sitting outside on the coast are few and far between to really enjoy it.

    Overall a great place and as a local I highly recommend it.

    I Ate:

    • eggs, potatoes, bacon and toast breakfast: very good ($7)
    • juevos rancheros: delicious ($7)

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